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Japanese almost love hot springs, especially open-air bath. In the morning and the evening, while we feel the cold air in the nude,  immerse themselves in bath. There is nothing to interrupt, and then, when it is able to look at a mountain or the ocean from a bathtub, we are pleasant. We will be the highest if we can see sunrise and the setting sun. Japanese people feel and enjoy a season to the autumnal leaves, the snow-covered landscape, and fresh green which are visible from a bath. If an open-air bath is located in the hotel on the journey, everyone is overjoyed.

Here, the hot spring which I enjoyed is introduced for foreigners. Finally, there is one of the Turkey. Many of used photographs are reproduced from the WEB site of each hotel.

The Japanese map showing introductory land


<P2 The Japanese map showing introductory land>




The first photo, No.2 of the map, The hot spring is located in the hotel on the mountain of Miyazaki Prefecture.  From bath to below this, we can regard the sea beyond a mountain range. The view from the bath has a very airy.  The  wind and the fresh green were impressing spring. Upper P3 photos, map No. 1, The hot spring is located in one of the hotel on the Kirishima hot spring of Miyazaki Prefecture. Lower P3 photos, It shows volcanic Kirishima. The hot springs are scattered in this mountain side. if it is fine, Sakurajima of the volcano which appears on a big bay can be seen from this bath. Japanese people like the bath was constructed on rock like the photo. One side of the bath is surrounded by trees, and the other is open sight, then, besides it can be seen far, it is the best.




Upper P4 photos, map No.3, the hot spring is located on ridgeline of the peninsula to the southern end of Awaji Island. The merit of this bath is a wide bay below one’s eyes and we are able to look at the setting sun. Lower, map No.4, this is a hot spring facility located on a hillside in the northern end of Awaji Island. Apeel of this bath is that you can see the Akashi Strait and the Asia’s largest suspension bridge.

ARIAKE SOU, in autum/ in winter/ North Alps


<P5 in ARIAKE SOU, in autum/ in winter/ North Alps>

Upper two P5 photos, map No.5, the hotel is located near the ridge of the Northern Alps in Nagano Prefecture. This hotel is located in the valley of 1400m altitude, many climbers begin to climb from here. Here is surrounded by the mountains. The time of autumnal leaves, the moutains is decorated really nice. The view from the bath is not good. It is surrounded by mountains and trees. You can enjoy the taste of each of the four seasons as show in the photograph. Lower, in the panoramic view of Alps,this hotel is located on the hillside.

Pamukkale/A Shelf of limestone/ Hierapolis


<P6 Pamukkale/A Shelf of limestone/ Hierapolis>

P6 and 7 are Pamukkle. This is a tourist destination in Turkey.Upper, the hot spring made in the earthquake is located on the plateau above the lime shelf. Ruins Hierapolis of the time of the Roman Empire is located on the plateau. Many pillars fall and lie in the hot spring. Many men and women are enjoying in the hot spring pool with a swimsuit. Center, it is a scene of the famous limestone shelf, but, due to the small rain, it was regrettable if there is no water in the dish. Lower, it is Ruins Hierapolis.

Pam Thermal Hotel / a night view


<P7 in Pam Thermal Hotel / a night view>

This hotel is located just below the limestone shelf. The hot spring water contains sand was extremely fine. The sand had to settle on the bottom of the bath. Everyone enters wearing a swimsuit in the hot spring. Compared with the hot spring in Japan, the temperature is lower and the bathtub is shallower.  As shown in the photo of a night view, indoor hot spring pool and outdoor hot spring pool on the second floor can be seen in the back of the blue pool.

We came over the open-air bath. There is a hot spring pool, such as a large palace in Budapest, Hungary.  I did not have time to go there, unfortunately. In China, there was no habit to enjoy hot springs and open-air bath, have come to enjoy slowly. I do not know, that there is a popular hot spring in Southeast Asia. How to enjoy hot springs varies from country to country.

Become naked, we entered a hot spring with strangers, and sometimes have a lively conversation with them. In open-air bath, Japanese socialize with nude, enjoy the season and scenery, and heal the mind and body.

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12 thoughts on “Japanese hot spring : open-air bath

  1. in Europe we know this from Iceland …

  2. Thank you for teaching. Please teach me variously opinions in the future. Please forgive immature English.

  3. Beautiful! And thank you for following my blog.

  4. In Los Angeles I lived in Korea town and went to their Day Spas which was communal bathing. I miss them. Not Japanese that is my only reference.

  5. I know I would love Japan. Your photos are beautiful.

  6. I have a few friends in Japan. They always talk about taking me to the hot springs, enjoy the day with them, observing nature and eating good food. We have not done it yet.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I once would like to travel Italy. I live in Awajishima ,Hyogo Prefecture.

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    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re
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