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 family 家族


Last time we easily looked at the evolution during the preceding 5 million years.

 After a certain incident in during this period, human beings become the strongest animal in the earth.

 This time we will look at this. What was the incident?  What did it bring human beings?






 The origin of the family of humanity : 人類の家族の起源


< The origin of the family of humanity : 人類の家族の起源 >


The accident occurred in the land of Africa and it was a prologue to the big change.

 It begins to be fossil hominid that he had made a simple hut began 1.8 million years ago.

They place many stones in a circle, made it leaning against a branch in the shape of a cone there.

 The chimpanzee that lives in the jungle moves the bed on the tree every day.

 This is to avoid lice.








Mankind has been faced with an increase in a childcare period and premature birth of baby by the enlargement of the brain and upright walking.

 If a female gives birth to three children, it must concentrate on childbirth and childcare in about ten years.

This was a big issue.

 Then, the dwelling for childcare in the savanna was needed first.

 For a long time, a male (father) that performed distribution of food and defense from many carnivores on the savanna was needed for a female and a child.

 On the other hand, although the chimpanzee male near an ancestor copulates, they perform neither a child’s childcare nor food distribution.

 The sex solved this big issue.

 A swelling (pink of the hips of a photograph) of a sexual skin like a chimpanzee will be lost, and they will copulate at any time.

 The present family of “one male one male” was born after this.

 Male reduces the struggle between the males and females became able to receive assistance from the male.

 Bonobo began to use sex for appeasement behavior 1 million years ago before us.














The marks of the change at this time remain also in the man of today.

 The females became lousy by living in the same place for a long time.

 The females with few hairs are more resistant to the skin disease and the epidemic.

 Melamine pigment appeared 1,200,000 years ago, and their skin was protected instead of the hairs.

 Probably, it is the vestiges of this incident that many modern women shave useless hair.








Abridged sentence.

 Human beings will be connected with the strong bonds called husband and wife.

 The family contributed to cultural formation and succession through childcare, and became the foundation to social development.

  Next time we will see brain.







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