Origin of mind sir.14  // a brain


brain 脳

Last time we looked at the origin of family.

This time we will see the changes in the brain occur in connection with evolution.





structure and evolution of brain : 脳の進化と構造


< structure and evolution of brain : 脳の進化と構造 >


As we have seen, our brains obtained the base program of the social behavior by evolution.

The trace is in a cerebral structure.

Brain development is divided into three steps.

It consists of the oldest brain stem, the cerebral limbic system located centrally in brain and the newest cerebrum wrapped them (figure upper right).

This corresponds to evolution of primitive animal, to reptiles, into the mammals.

While three steps of brains respectively react, it has structure adjusted as a whole.

An old brain reacts in an instant, and the last brain synthesizes much information, and judges the last intentionally.

The phylogeny is in the figure upper left.

For humans, a blue cerebrum is large and also outside cerebrum neocortex is the maximum most.

Furthermore, the portions that developed only into human beings’ brain are two language centers.

When we talk and hear, it is always functioning.

The proportion of the brain neocortex in the brain is 80% in the human, it is 35% on the average of the mammal.













The microphotograph of the neuron network within a brain is upper left figure, and the figure of the junction between nerves is located at the lower right.

If I say one special feature to the brain, it is that nerve connection (synapse) of several 100 trillion is carrying out parallel processing to serve both as memory and operation (a supercomputer is the example).

This is the wonderfulness of the brain of an animal. However, there is also a problem.

It is unable to perform correction of the error simply, by reason that the cerebral control of memory and operation are almost automatic.







growth of brain : 脳の肥大化 


< growth of brain  : 脳の肥大化 >


Although there are various theories, I can’t assertive it and can say following things in general.

The weight ratio of the brain became large as it evolves into a great ape and human beings from the primates.

Probably, this kept pace with development of tool using, language using, and social behavior.

The proportion of the cerebrum neocortex in the brain is 80% in the human beings.

It is 35% on the average of the mammal.

This part has been growing since the chimpanzee that makes about 100 groups, and is related to the scale of the social grouping.

Furthermore, human beings’ frontal lobe (upper right figure) is carrying out growth near double compared with the chimpanzee.

The frontal lobe is a part demonstrates most human ability.

It is a part that performs to make a long-range plan, to encourage oneself toward a target, controls feeling, and to act intentionally.

Furthermore, this portion is required in order to induce art, and war and a physical theory.











Why did growth of this brain occur?

Probably, development of the high eyesight of a life on a tree and dexterous fingers became the trigger at first.

After that, the transfer to the savanna by drying stimulated a walk in erect posture from bipedal locomotion like chimpanzee, and the birth canal in a pelvis was reduced.

Then, the female came to give birth to a small prematurely born baby.

A baby’s growth became late and a long period of time late again, and the gigantic brain was attained.

The family was born for child rearing.

The society where a family and a group live together was begun and born on the earth.

Last time, I explained this circumstance.

Strange to say, the time when a stone tool becomes complicated at and a new kind with a big brain is born was a glacial epoch of arctic cold.

Next time (sir.15) we will see the wonder of brain and the Intelligence development of child.

Page [ Origin of mind ] is a table of contents.













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