Terracotta Army of the first Qin emperor

 the fist Qin emperor : 秦の始皇帝 

< the fist Qin emperor : 秦の始皇帝 >


This time I introduce the terracotta army of Qin emperor mausoleum in Xian,China.

These ruins was build in the 3rd century consist of the underground terracotta army and the mausoleum

 The person who left these ruins was an emperor of the first huge empire in China.

 He ended the war continued for 600 years. He performed cruelly despotism and huge erection, and when he died, the empire ruined instantly.

 He was buried in the underground royal palace. The mountain was shaped like square pyramid 350 meters on a side and 76 meters in height was built on it.

 The Terracotta Army there were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses were buried in the pits near by the mountain.











the mausoleum looks small : 陵墓が小さく見える


< the mausoleum looks small : 陵墓が小さく見える >


anticipation fig. of underground royal palace : 墓の地下宮殿予想図


< anticipation fig. of underground royal palace : 墓の地下宮殿予想図 >


Although the excavation has not been carried out yet, it has underground 100 tons of mercury that imitated the Yellow River and Chang Jiang.




The vast site of the museum : 秦俑博物館の広大な敷地


< The vast site of the museum : 秦俑博物館の広大な敷地 >


terracotta army : 大部隊全景 


< terracotta army  : 大部隊全景 >


The commanders, the foot soldiers with a bill (halberd), the bow soldiers, and the chariots have constructed the rank like an actual action station.




terracotta army : 拡大図 


< terracotta army  : 拡大図  >


The height of this terracotta soldiers are from 1.8 to 2.0 m. The face is different, respectively.

 The clothes and the hairstyle are also distinguished and expressed by class.





terracotta army : 拡大図


< terracotta army  : 拡大図  >


These soldiers that put on armor and have covered a cap crown show that class is high.




command post : 指揮所全景 


< command post : 指揮所全景 >


Guard soldiers are protecting a command post.




crossbowman : 石弓兵 


< crossbowman : 石弓兵 >


This is expressed very realistically.

At that time, coloring had been given to these.




Bronze chariot for the emperor : 青銅製馬車


< Bronze chariot for the emperor : 青銅製馬車 >


They are one half of the sizes of the original.

I admired the technology that makes these from a big bronze casting.



arrangement of the mausoleum, top is north : 陵墓の配置、上が北 


< arrangement of the mausoleum, top is north : 陵墓の配置、上が北 >


These ruins were located at the westernmost end of China, and were located in the east of the royal palace of Qin.

And the terracotta army has constructed the rank on the east side of the imperial mausoleum.

 Everybody had turned the back to the emperor.

 The emperor had an army of 2 million, beat many enemy countries in the east, and finished unification of china.

 Did the emperor have uneasiness in the east enemy even after death?






terracotta dolls in the Han imperial mausoleum : 漢の陵墓の人形


< terracotta dolls in the Han imperial mausoleum : 漢の陵墓の人形 >


These are terracotta dolls of the Han Imperial mausoleum followed after Qin.

The heights of dolls are only 60 cm. Clothing made have cloths and the wooden arm and armor are rotten.

 My getting interested most is that the realistic statue has not appeared at all in China before this Terracotta Army of the first Qin emperor.

In other civilization, gradually, an expression style is minute and becomes realistic.

 Other civilizations do not influence the expression style. Therefore it means that the first Qin emperor have broken away from at once the expression style of the past.

 It has appeared here that he was a destroyer of culture and was a creator of a new system.

 Although I only felt coldness in the face of the dolls of qin, there are mediocrity and gentleness in the face of the dolls of Han.

 I attended at the time when the society changes rapidly. I was able to think so.

This series once finishes with this time.











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2 thoughts on “Terracotta Army of the first Qin emperor

  1. Very interesting post and yet more interesting it makes to me that we had last year in Tampere the Terracotta army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China exhibition. Our national air line company Finnair has flights to Xian. Maybe I should someday visit there.

    • The famous places of the Chinese remains are Xian, Luoyang and Beijing. It is good that you go there and enjoy it.

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