Origin of mind sir.15 // wonder of brain and growth


illusion// Are A and B the same brightness?  :  錯視//AとBは同じ明るさ?

< illusion// Are A and B the same brightness?  :  錯視//AとBは同じ明るさ? >


Last time we looked at growth of brain and evolution.

This time we look at the wonder of brain and the growth of children’s mind.

 Seeing the whole aspect of evolving brain and social behavior finishes.


心の起源 連載15 // 脳の不思議と発達





A and B of the upper figure are the same brightness. However, to our eyes, it does not see so.

It is worldwide the same and not changes according to a culture or an environment.

That is the result of a brain performing image processing which amplifies a difference automatically.

It becomes legible by the result of the image processing that amplifies a difference automatically in a brain.

The cerebral nerve circuit can make the difference of a signal amplify automatically.

The capability is very larger than the dynamic range of a camera.

This is one of the cognitive functions common to man.

Although this may also have affected our thinking, we cannot be aware of it.










wonder of brain  :  脳の不思議 


< wonder of brain  :  脳の不思議 >


We look at the experiment of the brain of an animal.

If the amygdaloid body is destroyed, the ape will eat a snake it feared if normal.

The amygdaloid body is the old type of brain creates feeling of dislike or anger. It is the same for man.

When the midbrain of a quail was transplanted to the embryo of a hen, it walked like the hen after birth, but it cried like the quail.

It means that the action that cries borrows the others’ body and had been hereditary.

The embryo means the egg cell that began generating after fertilization.

An original basis of the eye was transplanted to another embryo, and the frog of three eyes was born.

Then, the striped pattern appears only in the animal has stereovision was produced in the brain.

Since each side of a face has two eyes, the frog cannot perform stereovision. The eye added to the front made it possible.

In the example of a quail and a frog, it turns out that the brain has flexibility.

Only a trained chimpanzee and humans can operate laughter (feeling) intentionally.

Being able to control the laughter, it shows that the consciousness suppress the emotion.

This can be said to be the example of important humanity.

Moreover, the laughter is also the complicated feeling evolved in the society.
















development of intelligence : 知能の発達 


< development of intelligence : 知能の発達 >


The initial imitation is that a baby gives an imitation of pushing out a tongue in several days after the birth.

The baby of a chimpanzee also has.

It is wonderful that action of imitating is built at the same time as birth.

Without the action that imitates man or reacts, the culture hasn’t been stacked.

Probably development of language is also the same.

On two months after a baby’s birth, the baby can follow a direction of mother’s eyes.

This is the conjugate gaze.

Also a chimpanzee unreliably performs this.

The conjugate gaze is beginning that a baby reads the hearts of others.

The Imitation and the gaze require advanced intelligence.

On three and a half months after a baby’s birth, the baby feels abnormalities that a blue rotor plate pressing down the red board of an obstacle.

This shows that the baby understands physical properties(hard etc.)and the law of causality.

The man has fundamental things, such as language and the law of causality, since birth.

A heredity portion is indispensable although it develops through growth.















Until now, it has explained based on knowledge scientific mainly.

From next time, we will focus about the history of humankind and Japan culture.





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