Origin of mind sir.17 // Humankind’s tragedy and catastrophe

Invasion of Normandy in the movie 、ノルマンデイー上陸作戦

< Invasion of Normandy in the movie >

 This time, it becomes the opposite of the last theme ” humankind’s strength.”

 This theme is the problem that it has occurred frequently and I fear most.

The humankind has the mentality of big defect.

However, I think there is always a road if well aware of it.

 Grooming  グルーミング

< Grooming : it is an important appeasement policy. by Kyoto University>

I think that unification of a social hierarchy and a one male one female system became a key to the development of humankind.

However, this seems not to be researched. Though if possible, I want you to clarify with game theory etc.

The social hierarchy will be a developed type of a mock fitting and does not persist in a land like a territory.

Many animals had the hierarchy mutually accept superiority or inferiority for a limited time only.

By that, they made it possible to avoid conflict and to cooperate.

The social hierarchy of the animal kingdom differs from the class conflict of human society.

The greatest difference is the boss shift in a cycle of several years.

It is determined by a boss individual’s fighting power, and the superiority or inferiority of friend support.

Therefore, although a leader uses violence, he also performs protection of the weak and a female.

If it is not made, a boss will lose at the next conflict (it is the same as an election of human society).

Composition of the Humankind’s tragedy 人類悲劇の構造

< Composition of the Humankind’s tragedy >

The kind of conflict is not exhausted for humankind, a big war, a race slaughter, a slave system, the left wing and the right wing, a man and a woman, etc.

It seems that a chimpanzee society will be have a male massacre in a territorial fight.

Other animals cooperatively don’t slaughter like humankind.

 Why does it happen only to humankind?

At the beginning, please see chimpanzee society (left fig.).

This society is maintained by the social hierarchy and the altruistic behavior, and is strongly connected by the sympathy.

The chimpanzee has the three outstanding abilities except for humankind.

The sympathy becomes conversely hostile to the person of a different territory.

Humankind added two elements than the three abilities that the chimpanzee has.

It is the family and the society had culture and can be accumulated

The former induced the strong love to a family and it became the strongest sympathy in the earth.

The latter develops rapidly from about tens of thousands of years.

It produced various growth possibilities.

When the state was born, accumulation of economy, military affairs, knowledge, and social-related (bonds) took place.

However, the accumulation will make a difference and a wall from all dimensions.

A pink’s circle of the right figure is same with a chimpanzee.

The green ring of the outside is shown that the firm unification by society and culture.

This means a family, the village, the tribe, the race, and the state.

This connects every class with the strongest love, and can be said to be the expansion version of a social hierarchy.

The red ring of outside shows that it is very competitive to other society.

After all, the humankind was the strongest and became cruel because it.

Jesus Christ of Israel, mozi (Bokushi ) of China, and Shin ran of Japan said as follows.

Epistle to the Romans 13-9

[…if there be any other commandment, it is summed up in this word, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. ]

Jian ai (kenai) 3

[ It is accordant to the providence of the universe not to separate each other, to love each other and to help each other. ]

Tan’isho 5

[ Shin ran had chanted the Buddhist invocation once for a deceased father and mother’s memorial service. ]

Next time you will see the symbol which humankind’ mentality and culture induced

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