Chinese historical TV drama“A man of compassion : The Acts of Confucius”

Confucius and famous pupils from the drama, 孔子と弟子

< From the drama, second right is Confucius. Others are famous pupils. : 右から子貢、孔子、子路、顔回 >

I finished looking at the drama and recognized the mistake in my Confucius image.

Since I received deep impression from the lifestyle of Confucius, I want to tell it.


Although Confucius image I have held is a person influenced East Asia greatly.

For a long time I thought that he only brandishes an ethical theory by nostalgia for the good old days, and he was mere idealist

All his lives, he aimed at the social reformation, but he was defeated at political strife many times, and was expelled from some countries.

He went in quest of the monarch can be realized his ideal, he wandered about some countries with his pupils, while encountering danger many times.

However, even if he can meet a monarch, it does not compromise with a monarch on a target and a means.

After all, he is not employed. He is very stubborn, inflexible.

I consider that He was not able to realize an ideal at all.











the Analects of Confucius :  論語

< the Analects of Confucius  :  論語 >

This is the book with which his pupils wrote Confucius’s words.

“What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” is famous.




Confucius's lesson scenery 孔子の授業風景

< Confucius’s lesson scenery >

 But, in the drama, there was a splendid brightness in relation of Confucius and his many pupils.

 The famous pupils occur frequently to the Analects of Confucius respect him as a teacher, adore and love him.

 It was the educator’s figure from the thinker.

 Many farmers, vagrants, townspeople were contained in the pupils.

 They receive discipline of Confucius, and are employed as each royal family or powerful clan, and begin activity.

 A prominent reform politician and the thinker were soon borne by the pupil’s pupil.

 Confucianism becomes a state religion of Han in 400 years later.





Confucius’s greatness・・・

 Confucius was living right in the middle of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods (BC770 ~ BC221).

This time was in an era when the weak were the victims of the strong.

The state divided about in 200 is ruined and it becomes 16 nations, it was very a desperate time.

On another front, the ironware and the money begin to spread, the farming, the trade, and the city develop, and the country that repeats a conflict began to ask for talented people.







war 軍団

< war >

 Confucius played an active part in this beginning.

Although Confucius seemed to have desired revival to old organization, there were novelty and innovation in the thought.

A.   He appeals for the reign of virtue, opposes the reign by the wealth and military strength that the monarch desired at that time.

B.   He denied God, a prayer, impurity. He depended on neither a family line nor a race, and emphasized the recruitment by capability and the education.

C.   “仁”(jin: perfect virtue) that everyone should have is a base that achieves a peaceful society. The perfect virtue advocated by Confucius mean self-control and consideration for others.



A 当時為政者が望んだ軍備や法・租税強化により富国強兵ではなく、徳による治世を訴える。

B 神や祈祷、穢れなどを否定し、出自や民族を問わず、能力による人材登用、教育を重視した。

C 万人が持つべき「仁」は平和社会を実現する根本だとした。(自己抑制と思いやり)

A thought of Confucius 孔子の思想

< A thought of Confucius >

 Although Confucius’s family line status was low, he learned by itself.

He tried to find out the method of the social reformation from every tradition or many history books.

Some thought revolutionized the society arose at roughly the same time.

“The recognition of human ignorance” of Socrates in Greece, “The religious precepts and the worldly desires extinction by enlightenment” of Gautama Buddha in India, etc.

He chose a different way from these.

He does not deny the national system, and told people with realistic and intelligible words and phrases.

The basis of his thought is depended on neither a myth nor a philosophy.

He asked the good politics and history of 500 years ago for it.

Confucius stuck to the courtesy, such as funerals and festivals.

He did not perform the thorough treason or resistance, but acted by moderate soul and the soul of waiting.






In the troublous times, he wanted to build a peace by means of “jin”(perfect virtue) and “rei”(rule)

This act looks more foolish than Don Quixote.

However, this led the national system and the people of East Asia for 2500 years to the orderly life.

It was the same as that of Gautama Buddha or Jesus Christ.






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2 thoughts on “Chinese historical TV drama“A man of compassion : The Acts of Confucius”

  1. Thank you for this educational post, I did not know these facts. Your words have given me more respect for this great and honourable teacher.

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