origin of mind sir.19 /  The origin of national traits

bullying いじめ

 bullying : いじめ >

I have taken up the theme common to the world or humankind until now.

This time, I roughly present how national traits of Japan were born.


Psychology considers usually that it is common to the world and human beings.

However, if Japan is compared with Asia, there is a difference.

Furthermore, if the inside of the world is seen, each culture differs considerably.

「emotional dependence」「consideration for others’ feelings」are peculiar psychology to Japan.









preexisting bias : 偏った先入観

< preexisting bias : 偏った先入観 >

The items of a figure are the examples that the psychology of Japan deflects from the West.

This is not a clear large difference.

We cannot determine that this bias psychology is bad.

On the opposite side, there is a good thing, so, it remained as culture.






逆に良いことがあるのです, それゆえ文化として残ったのです。

Japan’s “bullying” probably will be worse in advanced nations, there is a reason of it.

People do not judge on the standard of justice and do not punish a bullying act.

Probably, this tendency will be strong in East Asia, especially Japan.

Japan’s “inner group favor” is very strong, and there is the merit with which the inside of a group or a state is connected strongly.

On the other hand, people do not cooperate to different ethnic groups or an outsider.

Furthermore, it is easy to attain to an act like ” Travelers can leave their shameless behavior behind.”

I believe that “bullying” and them partially caused by a basic psychology.

Although “discrimination” is all over the world, the mark of the discrimination changes with countries.

Although the root of discrimination is in cognition common to humankind, it changes with culture and histories.

“Jealousy, shame, and honor” are complicated feeling.

This is also greatly dependent on culture.

Probably, this some part is related to there being many suicides in Japan.











The feature of Japan

< The feature of Japan >

This figure shows that the factor of the upper and lower made the feature of Japan.

The upper part is influence of evolution.

The lower part is a historical factor of Japan, a climate, an island country, no experience of an invasion, a suitable distance from a major nation, an agricultural people, etc.

The cause of the present political climate and the past fascism may be able to be explained from them.

We have the biased recognition.

Though it’s a difficult task, I want you to become conscious of the fact.


It is a conclusion next time.

Please tell me your opinion.














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2 thoughts on “origin of mind sir.19 /  The origin of national traits

  1. mainhidup

    Are you live in Japan, Sir? Wah…seem you like japaness culture, right? especially those literacy
    I love those culture too and hope able to visit there soon 😀

  2. Yes I live in Japan. I like Japanese culture. But I don’t like Japanese politics. Thank you for liking Japan. I think you can visit japan soon. What country and language are you?

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