Origin of mind sir.21 // the end of this series

 Jesus Christ 

< Jesus Christ >

At this time, it becomes the end of this series.

I will explain three important points of mind,.





Gautama Buddha  釈迦

< Gautama Buddha : 釈迦 >

Exceed a living thing.

Let’s think about the altruism and the egoism.

Humankind became altruistic because of development. However, it is egoistic as the living thing.

Such an example is countless.

The love to a family and the sympathy to narcissism, the patriotism and the enmity to a foreign country, exerting coercive pressure on the weak and following a person of power, etc.

Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and Confucius tried to solve this problem.

They taught strengthening the altruistic behavior (love, consideration) more, and controlling selfish action.









Confucius   孔子

< Confucius :  孔子>

the recognition of human ignorance

Our brain is processing automatically most of things, It is a mere handful that it can be conscious. .

Being possible to consider it is a little.

Our judgment and thinking have many prejudice and illogical portions.

Regrettably we do not notice that.

It is one of the reasons this leads society in the unhappy direction.








Overcome culture

Without society, we cannot live and grow up.

Our behavior is fixed into the frame of the culture (taboo and commandments).

This several old frame stopped suiting the present condition.

We should recognize that.


Thank you for reading this series for a long time.

I am pleased if you leave a comment.













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3 thoughts on “Origin of mind sir.21 // the end of this series

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    I am nominating you for the readers appreciation blog award. I enjoy your views and photos.
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  2. Thank you for nominating me. I am really glad to be accepted from overseas. I am also profiting by your blog.

  3. Excellent post ,Thanks for sharing 🙂

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