猪,a wild boar 

< a wild boar http://netowrkgraphics.seesaa.net/article/248860725.html 

The fables of Aesop are made in ancient Greece.

There were the precepts for living with humor.

If present Japan is compared to the animal world, how does it become?

 実りの秋,Autumn of a crop 

<  Autumn of a crop  >

One group of monkey lives in “a monkey mountain” and the number family’s wild boar lived in “a wild boar mountain”.

Since it visited early this autumn, two mountains were little harvest of potatoes and nuts.

The hunger was imminent.

One day, a boss of the monkey gathered everybody and said like this.

“  Everybody, don’t take and eat freely food. Timely, we gather a required thing among ourselves and divide a harvest. We must keep it in a cave for the future. “

At the time, the wild boar’s eyes were become all bloodshot and they diligently had begun harvest competition for their family.

“ A wild boar family on the right took the red fruit of the valley.  Another on the left dug the good potato in the dip. We also climb a mountain early and have to gather some harvest. Let us go at once. “

Each family of the wild boar early has eaten enough.

In this way, they finished the preparation in winter.















However, it was unusually severe cold in the winter of this year.

When a late spring came, the miserable result was waited.

From a wild boar mountain, exclamation of a battle and the miserable voice were heard occasionally.

The sprout of trees and potatoes were perfectly eaten up in a wild boar mountain

The harvest of autumn from summer never came to the mountain.

Even the strength wild boar could not be survived.

He could not prevent numerous invaders.

The monkeys were able to prevent the worst situation, distributing few foods somehow.









 イースター島,Easter Island , Collapse of civilization 

< Easter Island  : Collapse of civilization >

Does man take absurd action like the wild boar?  In fact, it is repeated historically.

The difference of the maximum both strategies were a joint control and an assignment.

If the limited resources is placed under the joint control and made long-term preservation, they will be never wasted.

Almost Crops have a difference by each place. World economic efficiency goes up by exchanging these crops.

Probably a part of underground resources and foods will begin to be exhausted in tens of after years.

At that time, in the area where is not jointly managed and made assignment organization, the peoples will make war or starve.

For that purpose, what should you do?

It is carrying on trade widely and deepening interdependence irrespective of a self-sufficiency rate.

Then, the quantity of production of food also increases markedly.

For example, if 100% of a self-sufficiency rate is applied for every village, the inefficiency is clear.














猪と猿,A monkey and a wild boar 

< A monkey and a wild boar >

However, things are not so easy.

There are the ingrained grudge and the historical circumstances between the race and the state.

Moreover, the gap of economy or culture prevents the joint consciousness.

Probably, we need the half-century for canceling it at least.

Immediately, we need to advance exchange and an understanding.

Fortunately, Europe is under trial and error now.

Japan can refer to this case.

The previously described relations of interdependence may deter a war start.

Conversely, it can be said that World War II broke out when this faded suddenly.


We cannot bypass this.

Your wisdom will save a family.

















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