New fables of Aesop 2: a hairy caterpillar and a green caterpillar


 青虫, green,caterpillar

毛虫, hairy caterpillar

< a hairy caterpillar and a green caterpillar >

 Once upon a time, the green caterpillar ate herbal leaves and lived in the prairie at the foot of a mountain.

 It became butterflies soon, someone moved to the big trees by the side of a mountain, and ate the leaf.

 Although the leaf of trees was hard, there were abundantly foods.

 From grass someone said. “Why does it eat hard leaves?”

 Someone replied from trees. “Since it became narrow there, we refrained from there.”

 The birds that got to know that many caterpillars lived came flying in great numbers.

 However, the birds concentrate in trees and began to eat.

 It is because birds were not able to stop at soft grass.

 Then, the persons of trees are clothed in a poisonous prickle on the body, and were prevented from eating it.

 In this way, they became hairy caterpillars in trees.











 One day, the children of the village came for play there.

 ” These caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly. It is pleasure. “

 “There are hairy caterpillars. Since they have poisonous, I will step and crush them.”

 Voice has been heard from the grassy place. “The hairy caterpillars are pitiful, they did these best in order to survive.”





ヤマガラ、bird,picks food 

< The bird picks food >

 The example that ought to become hairy caterpillars is looked at by many histories of a race.

 It seems that, when the race that continued being invaded from the circumference, their grudge and self-consciousness become strong.

 Jews continued being invaded and segregated from the neighboring country or other races during about 3500.

 The same might be said of the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam.

 Both countries continued receiving invasion of a major nation for 2000 years.

 Thailand and Switzerland are in the opposite poles, may resemble a green caterpillar.

 Both countries have protected by the mountain range from the major nation.

朝鮮半島,防戦, defensive battle, Korean Peninsula 

< The defensive battle of the Korean Peninsula >

 We need to refrain from judging the high and the low only by racial appearance.

















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5 thoughts on “New fables of Aesop 2: a hairy caterpillar and a green caterpillar

  1. キャタピラーの違いから、捕食者トリへ、最期は民族の差異に言及する。

  2. aquacompass7いいねとコメント有難う御座います。お風邪の方は如何です?季節の変わり目ですお気を付けて下さい。今回の説話も素晴らしいものでした。国や民族、生命尊厳に人権教育が急務の様に思われます。国や人を、軽んじない事かと思います。資料も解りやすものでした。

  3. Stunning pictures.Regards.

  4. Thank you for commenting this fables.

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