Bullying at school in Japan



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 These days, suicide of the student by bullying is conspicuous.

 The bullying does not decrease in Japanese schools.

 I seem that People have not will to reduce bullying in schools and society.


 Bullying is to attack the individual.

A bully use violence on a student for a long time, take money and goods, destroy goods, abuse and despises.

Then they ignore the student and he becomes alone.

Neither the surrounding student nor a teacher stops bullying.

His parents also do not understand his pain.

The child commits suicide with feeling of despair.













Reason why bullying doesn’t disappear.

 A bullying student:  Although he is naturally bad, in Japan, it does not become so.

Usually, a home of the bully has many problems. Probably, his heart is wild.

Teachers sympathize with the bully and there is a tendency to withhold.

Moreover, the teachers do not have a clear distinction of bullying and play.

The bully can escape from the justice on the excuse.


A bullied student:  Many people think that there is a problem in a bullied student.

To be sure, many of bullied student may are the solitary children and unresisting children.

Society is filled in malice, and a teacher and a father expect him “have the spirit which overcomes it.”

It drives a bullied student into a corner.


Students don’t stop the bullying:  The children of a class don’t stop the bullying.

They fears that he is made into the next target and is revenged.


Teachers:   if a teacher is going to check bullying, the bully says it play、 and a bullied student says no bullying.

A bullied student doesn’t trust a teacher and fears the revenge.

Even if the teacher can confirm the bullying, he does not understand the punishment method for the bullying student.

School:   Many schools forget the bullying ever existed, even if the student commits suicide.


Rarely, the school recommends a bullied student withdrawal from the school, instead of the bullying student.



<  Bullying  >



いじめる子 : 悪いのが当然なはずですが、日本ではそうならない。









学校など: 多くの学校はいじめを無かったことにする、その子が自殺しても。希に、いじめる子ではなく、いじめられる子に退学や転校を薦めることがある。



There are three problems in these.

 A.  Bullying is considered to be a problem of the heart of the person. This is a mistake.

People will sympathize with a bullying student and will consider training to a bullied student.


B. People’s consciousness to protect social justice is low.

People have the tendency to sympathize with the circumference rather than social justice.


C. People are caught by social convention.

People mightily think that a student must be strong, have many friends and be not absent from a school.

Probably, many suicide of bullying is in the culture that admits suicide of a protest.


The solution of bullying begins from controlling violence.




A いじめを本人の心の問題と考える間違い。



B 人々は社会正義を守っていく意識が低い。



C 人々は社会の因習に囚われている。









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4 thoughts on “Bullying at school in Japan

  1. Bullying is a very big problem in America, and there are many suicides here as a result of bullying as well. It’s very sad.

  2. I did not know it until now. I thought that there were little suicides in America, and the countermeasure against bullying was also performed. I want you to teach where you live. I live in Hyogo Prefecture.

    • It happens quite often, actually. It might not happen as much as it does in Japan (I don’t know), but it does happen. And I live in the state Missouri which is in the central section of the United States.

      Actually, earlier this year a movie came out about bullying in American schools and the affect it has on the bullied children. Here is the trailer for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1g9RV9OKhg

      • aquacompass7

        Thank you for replying. I saw the youtube. I am glad to be know truth by you. From this year, the counselor and the police go into school. The full-scale measure start in Japan at last.

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