Book that I bought with traveling abroad, ser.1: “Reisen im Land der Bibel” by Roberts


< “Reisen im Land der Bibel”, Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem  >

When I travel abroad, there is a place that I want to go each time. 

It is a bookstore and a supermarket.

This time I will introduce a book of recollections bought abroad.


I introduce a book of paintings by David Roberts I bought in Germany. There are 60 wonderful pictures in this book. 

I had waited for the train to Switzerland at Stuttgart Station in Germany 25 years ago. There was a little wait. The small store was located on the platform, and when I looked at that, some books with beautiful cover were laid out flat. I was charmed by the picture of the cover, purchased one volume, and rode on the train in a hurry. After that I forgot it. 

When it passed as 15 years, I began to investigate the history of Judaism by several books. In these books were some pictures I knew. They were this David Roberts’s works. Although he was a British painter, the bought book was written in German.

He went into Egypt in 1838, went Giza, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and also Nubia of hinterland. He drew the pyramid and the shrine there, and many mosques in Cairo. Subsequently, he went to Lebanon from the Sinai Peninsula, the ruins of Petra in Jordan, the holy places in Israel, and the city in Damascus, and he drew those. It was the trip over one year. 

The merit of his picture is that some local people and the ruins buried in sand were drawn in it. There was the air of 170 years ago.
ローバーツの訪問地 ,The area he visited

< The area he visited >

ナイルからギザのピラミッド,the pyramid of Giza from Nile.

< the pyramid of Giza from Nile. >

アブシンベル神殿, the Temple of Abu Simbel 

<  the Temple of Abu Simbel >


< Cairo >

ペトラ, the ruins of Petra in Jordan 

< the ruins of Petra in Jordan >

エルサレム ギリシャ教会,Greek Church in Jerusalem

< Greek Church in Jerusalem >

ガリラヤ湖, Galilee Lake 

< Galilee Lake >

 All works are by Library of Congress.










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2 thoughts on “Book that I bought with traveling abroad, ser.1: “Reisen im Land der Bibel” by Roberts

  1. aquacompas先生、美しい画集を手元にお持ちですね!150年も前の中近東・アフリカの風景・空気が写真よりインパクトに伝わって来ます。水彩画でしょうか。美しい絵画を見せて頂きました。

  2. 言われる通りの水彩画です。淡い色合いで細かく描かれています。ありがとう。

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