Misunderstanding of war 6: Fuhrer Hitler birth 2


  ヒトラーとヒンデンブ,Fuhrer Hitler and President Hindenburg

< Fuhrer Hitler and President Hindenburg >

Those days, what kind of feeling have the German people borne?

Germany had a once glory of the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. However, Germany was not a powerful unit, rather was like small nations bloc. In the republic age, this induced military confrontation of small countries in domestic.

Germans had emigrated the East Europe for many years. Depending on the ethnic self-determination in the East, the peoples became difficult to life. This makes them demand the return to Germany (annexation of East Europe).

There was two more fear. Communist revolutions had occurred frequently in the East. Under the influence of racial self-determination、the Jews return from an East Europe increased.And the capitalists of Judea were regarded as the exploiting persons and it was considered that they were the ringleaders of economic deterioration.

In presence of many small parties, the political power was unable to decide anything, and the prime minister changed in about one year. Then, the political situation inclined in the conservative government by the military authorities and the old regime side.

In such situation, the only effective solution was shown, it aimed a military strong country, and had the purpose of territory recapture, anticommunist, and anti-Semitic.











突撃隊, Storm troops 

< Storm troops http://researchlist.blogspot.jp/2011/08/pictures-from-reich-4.html >

Hitler appeared. 

Hitler fought as a soldier of Bayern, Germany, during World War I. After the end of the war, he aimed at the politician in the Bayern of the fresh communist regime. In one year After、This regime was overthrown by the central government and the Bayern right wing (nationalist). In this political change, Hitler becomes a standout in Nazis (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). Bayern become the greatest right-wing government that opposes a central government (socialist regime) and two communist regimes in Germany. 

Bayern was eager for the military power subjugation to the central government. In 1923, he caused the abortive coup attempt and was arrested in Munich.

Although the executives caused this failure, he did not evade responsibility, and declared that he stood for the sake of Germany. By the humble attitude filled to patriotism, he became famous nationally suddenly.

The rapid economic deterioration by the Great Depression soon advanced the Nazis to the leading party. One of the big reasons is because the conservative class that fears a communist revolution turned to Nazis assistance. In this year, The Diet Building arson case occurred, and the communist party lawmaker were arrested. They performed the constitutional amendment and one-party dictatorship completed. The Nazis governed the parliament in about five years.

Then, the Third Reich that was led by Hitler started World War II.








声援を送る人々,The citizen excited by Hitler 
< The citizen excited by Hitler >
What was Hitler’s role?

His greatest arms were speeches that charm the public. He absorbed public anxiety and made the enemy charged with the cause. He made a sense of togetherness from people’s hatred, and pitted them against big target. He made the tissue expansion successful by his speech and his behavior. Furthermore, by means of the trickery and violence、became the top of the organization.

It was the power which was asked for him of having made all confusion ceasing and making it moving forward toward a glory by state power.

Things that the people required Hitler were a huge power that made to cease all confusion and directed the people toward a glory. He was supported the conservative class, the military authorities, and the excited people. This was a phenomenon that may happen among the world anywhere.








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2 thoughts on “Misunderstanding of war 6: Fuhrer Hitler birth 2

  1. History of the Ancient World

    I just finished reading a books of Joseph Goebbels (written by Roger Manvell & Heinrich Fraenkel) and Heinrich Himmler (written by Heather Pringle). Both books were very interesting. Now i’m reading a book of Eva Braun (written by Heike B. Görtemaker. Good night my friend & have a good day tomorrow!

  2. Thanks you for commenting my blog. By the way, please tell me. although you have liked ancient history, why are you reading the Hitler-related book now? Do you know whether German people worsen feeling with my report?

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