New fables of Aesop 3: a zebra and a lion   


ライオン親子,Mother and child of a lion 

< Mother and child of a lion >

Once upon a time, the family of a zebra and a lion lived in the large prairie separately. 

The male of a lion has a sharp fang and nail, and rich mane, and is brave obviously.

A uniquely important role of lion’s male is protecting a family from other males and enemies, and this battle in many cases injures him.

The female of the lion is always accompanied by her several children, and only she performs child-rearing and hunting.

When hunting, two or more females carry out in a group. 

A lion’s male monopolizes the kill, and the females and children divide the remainder mutually with later.

In the same way as the lion, one male zebra live with the children and many females as one family.

A difference is that the family of a zebra makes a still bigger group, and the family is always living together with the male.







ライオンの雄,a grapple of two male lion 

< a grapple of two male lion >

A child of the lion murmured at a certain time.

“Why doesn’t my father hunt?  Why does my father plunder a mother’s prey?” 

His mother said.

“Your father is great. Your father is protecting everybody from the fearful enemy. “

The father who was taking a nap in the distance said with yawning. 

“… Ah-.. Ah-.. If you also become strong, it will not have trouble in food.”


「なぜ父さんは狩りをしないの? なぜ父さんは母さんの餌を横取りするの?」






< a group of a zebra >

At the distant place, a child of the zebra said in a chagrined voice.

“Since my father is not strong, we are attacked by the lion. I am sad..”

His mother said.

” Although your father and mothers are weak, you are protected by uniting many fellows. We carefully bring up you all one by one.” 

His father who was in the side talked.

I cannot win that powerful fang.  However, the male of a lion suffer injuries, and the female is thin. The malnutrition child cannot live for a long time. As we enclose the children all together, we are eating grasses without prejudice.” 

Long years have passed since then. Tens of thousands of zebra was eating grasses on prairie. 

On the other hand, it became only that a few lions live within tens km.










There is such a situation also in our world.

The country that improves woman’s advance in society is together high level of a living standard and the human development index of the United Nations 

Although the Japanese woman’s academic level and health are excellent, they are still discriminated against by labor conditions. 

There is a problem especially after marriage and childbirth, and the woman’s working opportunity is unequal, and woman’s wages are pressed low.

This further advances an aging of society and low economic growth by a decrease in population.

The critical issue is that the female’s freedom to choose the occupation is restricted.







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2 thoughts on “New fables of Aesop 3: a zebra and a lion   

  1. 日本は世界101位?


    …See more
    Photo: 日本は世界101位? 先日、世界経済フォーラムから2012年版「男女格差報告」が発表されました。その中で日本は、前年より順位を3つ下げ、135ヶ国中101位に位置づけられています。理由として、女性議員が少なく、企業幹部も男性に占められていることが一因であると指摘されています。 少しづつ、状況は改善されてきていると思っていたのですが、もっと変わっていく必要があるようです。 来年の報告書で、少しでも順位を上げるために、政府や個人が出来ることは何だと思いますか?コメントであなたの意見を教えてください!! 記事参考:




  2. コメントありがとうございます。今日も人権講座を聴いて帰宅したばかりですが、ドメスティック・バイオレンスやシングルマザーの現状を聞きました。深刻だと感じました。その根底に男尊女卑の差別(価値観)があります。辛いですが、私も含めて男性の気づきを訴えることで、私は力を尽くします。これからもよろしく。

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