Misunderstanding of war 9: The cause of war


 三段櫂船,trireme of Greece 

< trireme of Greece >

We have surveyed some wars so far.

It has been visible how war is started and expanded.

This time, the factor and mechanism of the wars are summarized.






The main point of each war.

  •  the First Sino-Japanese War 

Japan started the arms buildup for sending troops overseas before ten years of this war. The military men who aim at hegemony expansion were pressing down the politician who aims at internal-affairs fullness.  A handful of army staff officers were always leading some wars until the defeat of the Pacific War. Japanese government and people also expected and confirmed the excellent result. It was made possible by The Emperor’s supreme command, the agitating newspaper, and manipulated educational.

  • War of ancient Greece

  Their war changed by having won a landslide victory to the huge empire. City-states began the arms race, and the winner became huge and rich. However, the unification empire could not born, the civil war state continued, and Greece declined soon.

  •   President Hitler’s birth

 The economy and the political confusion after the World War I caused people big uneasiness and dissatisfaction. Hitler united a nation by stirring hate and the dream of territorial expansion and imperial revival. The autocratic huge garrison state was born. Later, people got to know that oneself was deluded.

  •   the Vietnam War 

Vietnam had aimed at independence for long years. Suddenly, the U.S. that aims at de-Communization stood in front of them. The U.S. considered the enemy weak, but the war sank into the morass unexpectedly. And all the past Presidents disliked the defeat and extended it. In this way, the war was protracted and many people died.



  • 日清戦争


  • 古代ギリシャの戦争


  • ヒトラー総統の誕生


  • ベトナム戦争



The main reason of the war

  •     Fear.

Many countries begin arms buildup supposing an enemy’s invasion. Furthermore it may get the first attack.

  •     People’s uneasiness and dissatisfaction turn to the outside.  

If the worst state continued and the politics is confused, the people will wish a strong state power. Also the people tentatively become to allow the military establishment and autocracy in fear.

  •     Detachment of a leader and people

 The leader and one part of the military authorities begin war easily. Furthermore, a leader performs manipulation of information and they separate from people increasingly.

  •     Nationalism

The Patriotism is not a bad thing. However, it easily makes us being hostile to a foreign country, and if the war starts, stopping the war will be difficult.



  •    恐怖


  •  国民の不安や不満が外に向く


  •   指導者と国民の乖離


  •  愛国心



< Hitler >

A secondary point

  •      The motive of invasion

Long time ago, European imperialism was also a factor of the war of Asia. From now on, global resource depletion may become a motive of it.

  •    Demerits of a military alliance

Originally, although a military alliance was aimed at the deterrence of the war, gigantic war and many proxy wars were induced. After all, there were in danger that a military alliance premised the confrontation.

  •   A power struggle

Making an enemy country and a territorial problem is one way that a party of hawks wrest the power.

  •    Miscalculation of an arms race

It seems that peacekeeping requires balance of the military strength. However, some wars started also with the remarkable difference.


From next time, we look at each side of war.




  •    侵略の動機


  •   同盟の功罪

本来、戦争の抑止を目指したのでしょうが、大戦争と数多くの代理戦争を生みました。結局, 対立を前提の同盟には危険がひそんでいます。


  •   権力争い


  • 軍拡競争の誤算












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