the scene in Awaji-island  : Kariya in Higashiura



< The sea seen from the breakwater >

This time, I introduce a place where I often take a walk.

Here is Kariya in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and a fishing port facing Osaka Bay.

this place is surrounded by the sea and the mountain.






< The mountain seen from the breakwater >

Since this place is also warm in winter, the cultivation of flowers is prosperous here.

Moreover, there is a gentle breeze in summer、and people can live comfortably.

In here, the Water and the rice are also delicious.

On holidays, many sea fishing visitors will come from Osaka or Kobe.

And many bathers visit in summer.






Around my home

< a big Kannon statue seen from the breakwater >

walking course 、散歩道

< a walking course toward the hill >

観音像、big Kannon statue

< a big Kannon statue seen from the hill >


< the see seen from the hill >


漁港、the fishing port 

< the fishing port >


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8 thoughts on “the scene in Awaji-island  : Kariya in Higashiura

  1. looks beautiful

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Although I yearn for city life, I may be tired there. Here suits me.

  2. ancientfoods

    Beautiful photos, thank you. It reminds me a bit of Astoria, Oregon, one of our cities on the coast, my husband and enjoy visiting it.

    • I haven’t seen you for a long time. I did not think that this scene resembled the seashore in the U.S.
      I am glad to make you pleasure.

  3. aquacompasさん今晩は、先日はノミネートの件有難うございました!そして大変失礼しました。

    • ありがとう。私は大阪生まれ大阪育ちで37年前に淡路島に来ました。私の「about」に少し経歴を説明しています。ここは近海の魚が旨い、隣家が漁師なので、時たま、お裾分けしてもらえます。自家栽培の大根とか野菜と交換しているようなものです。

  4. Beautiful! God, I love these pictures. To think this is where you stood while here I stand…. Cyberspace is awesome. I treasure seeing this. Can almost smell the freshness in air.

    • Thank you commenting my blog frequently. All right, there is the smell of the sea and a mountain. I have forgotten about it in the process. Merry Christmas!

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