債務残高, Japanese government debt

< a red line shows Japanese government debt >

This one-week was the days tormented by despair, anger, and a sense of powerlessness.

In the result of a national election of Japan, Japan will fall to an abyss.

Why is politics of Japan the worst?


The political party that stagnated Japanese economy for the past 30 years came back to political power.

And without reflecting on themselves, they are trying to take their conventional method and dangerous means. 

Although I want my prediction deviate, i point out some dangerous factors.










Economic policy

Why do people allow that they have disregarded the economy? 

The Liberal Democratic Party had performed public investment for 30 years. It was 7 to 12 trillion yen every year.

This had got to push up Japanese gross domestic product(GDP, about 450 trillion yen) from 8 to 13%. (as the marginal propensity to consume is 0.8.)

However, the economic growth rate fell from 4% to 0% in the meantime.

For this reason, 35 trillion yen national bond was floated every year. And 10 trillion yen of these was used to pay off debts.

This amount repaid will increase from now on. And if interest rates go up, the amount repaid will increase several times.





これは日本のGDP450兆円を8~13%押し上げるはずであった。( 限界消費性向=0.8として)





公共投資, Japanese corporate investment 

< a black line shows Japanese corporate investment >

A clear thing  

Since the public investment has little effect, the outstanding obligation only increases.

Why does the party put power into this policy?  It will be only for protection of vested rights and interests.

Since the economic growth is indispensable to settle up the debts, we must carefully carry out the policy of reflation.







国内総生産成長率, growth rate of the gross domestic product(GDP)in Japan

< growth rate of the gross domestic product(GDP)in Japan >

What is likened to Japan?

The seriously injured diabetic is eating beef and a sweet cake heartily, carrying out insulin injection every day.

He is likened to Japan.

A serious illness of Japan is in the collusive relation between the public and private sectors, such as that nuclear power plant promotion and agricultural protection.

It is because there is much industry that abandoned growth by regulation or protection.

This seems to give the vested-rights-and-interests industry by immense government bond issuance (injection) (gluttony).

This is same as that people give assistance for the privileged business by immense government bond issuance.

We look at about economy next time also.

























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