feature in Awaji Iisland  : heartbeat of winter

When the morning sun went up, the fishing boats which had sailed to fish began to return to port all at once. 

< When the morning sun went up, the fishing boats which had sailed to fish began to return to port all at once. >

The sea of Awaji Island still offers us many blessings.

Soon, sand lance fishing starts, and then spring comes.

Although the cold of winter is the severest now, season also began approach of spring. 





  The Temminck's cormorant that basked in sun is relaxing on the breakwater.       

< The Temminck’s cormorant that basked in sun is relaxing on the breakwater. >

Although mountain dies down in winter, many birds visit my yard and seashore.

I introduce the birds that are flying to the seashore.

Three black cormorants were profiled by the shining Osaka Bay.




a kite and a sea gull play and fly. 

< a kite and a sea gull play and fly. >

Kites quietly are flying high up in the air all day. 

Sea gulls often are flying on the sea quickly.

For just a moment, the two birds were flying high up in the air, like an air battle.





A sea gull is on the sea.

< A sea gull is on the sea. >

Several sea gulls were floating on inner side sea of the breakwater.


a plover was on the sandy beach

< a plover was on the sandy beach. >

A plover were moving on the sandy beach busily.


white narcissus 

< white narcissus >

The flower of the New Year beginning is a white narcissus in Awaji Island.

Tolerating the harsh winter’s cold, the narcissist that grows gregariously on the cliff gives us freshness and loveliness.



yellow narcissus 

< yellow narcissus >

This is a narcissus that blooms in my yard, and is one of a few flowers that bloom at winter.


Crimson sasanqua 

< Crimson sasanqua >


Many sasanqua are seen and red, white, and pink flowers bloom for a long period of time.


plum trees are in full bloom

< plum trees are in full bloom. >

If plum trees become in full bloom, we are waiting eagerly for full bloom of cherry tree.



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8 thoughts on “feature in Awaji Iisland  : heartbeat of winter

  1. aquacompassさんこんにちは、美しい淡路の初春の花鳥風月を見させて頂きました。有難うございます。

    • 毎年、釘煮を家で作ります。また近所からもいただきます。隣り一軒が漁師なので、近所にイカナゴがプレゼントされます。去年、始めて私が作りました。釘煮が美味しいはずです。凄い量の砂糖と醤油を使いました。

  2. I enjoyed your photos, especially of the cormorants and plover. Thank you

  3. This time, when I took the photograph, I noticed that there is much kinds of birds for the first time.

  4. こんばんは!

  5. I have enjoyed all of your photos on this post. I have ducks and Canadian geese by the creek in my yard. I have Cardinals, mourning doves and some wrens all year round. Some seasonal visitors are robins and blue heron. We are looking forward to the blooms of spring, but we may have one more snow storm brewing.

    Thank you for your visit.

  6. Thank you for commenting. Your yard seems to be in Mother Nature. I was not able to know that from your blog.

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