Dwelling like fort of amazement ; Fujian Tulou(clay tower) in China

 Appearance of typical Tulou

< Appearance of typical Tulou >

We asked the strange building in south China.

 The clayey buildings have been inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.





Red point shows Fujian Tulou. It is in Fujian of southeastern China.

< Red point shows Fujian Tulou. It is in Fujian of southeastern China. >

 Early October 2004, my friend of Xiamen guided us around it.

We got in the friend’s new car and left the street in Xiamen, and passed through pastoral land or country towns at high speed.

 Before long, we went into the mountain slope that enclosed with many terraced fields, and went up the winding bumpy road.

 4 hour had Already passed, as the altitude became near 1000 m, our car stopped at last.

For the first time, we saw the Tulou below one’s eyes from the mountain path.







Tianluokeng Tulou cluster, The square Buyunlou at the center

< Tianluokeng Tulou cluster, The square Buyunlou at the center >

 On a deep place between mountains, the building cluster were standing quietly, and white smoke had risen from it.

We descended the steep slope that was full of the crop of autumn.

 Nostalgic smell and atmosphere that bring back old memories had been drifting at there.






Inner portion of Buyunlou.

< Inner portion of Buyunlou. It rebuilt in about 60 years ago after a fire.>

It is three stories high, has about 80 rooms, and a go around corridor in front of the rooms at each level.

This resident were all Huang (yellow) family.

People just were just cooking and washing in a courtyard, and had kept some hens and ducks.

 People were preparing a marriage ceremony busily.







persons were making the sweets of the marriage ceremony.

< persons were making the sweets of the marriage ceremony. >

 I got the white rice cake and ate it. It wasn’t used sweeteners entirely.




< sun-dried >

 Outside the building, various crops of autumn had being dried in the sun.

 Probably, their life was self-sufficiency since they were isolated from the circumference.





The situation of a life

< The situation of a life >

 One man was boiling up the sausage in the courtyard.

 Each room was very small in the same size, and filled with a bed and traditional cooking stoves, respectively.

 They are equal, share thing with resident, and are living together cohesively.

 Their consciousness has begun from the time of birth of this building.






The scheme of Tulou



other Tulou 

< other Tulou >

 Tulou exceeding 20,000 are scattered on the valley of mountainous area in Fujian.

 The feature of the structure is that clay wall(about 2m in thickness)  covered the outer circumference, and small entrance of a door that was reinforced with iron plate is only one.

 And top story of the building has gun holes for defensive purposes.

 These began to be built from around the 12th century.

 Those days, the armed bandits were raging.

Then, a family built a fort on the mountain for protected from the enemy in cooperation.


In this way, there was the warmth of the communal society that had completely lost in the city in here.



























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