Birth of primitive art 12 : People who made first fine arts 1

 a reconstruction of Dolni Vestonice ruin, Czech Republi, about 29000 years ago

 < a reconstruction of Dolni Vestonice ruin, Czech Republi, about 29000 years ago, by Don’s Maps


 From now on, we will explore the meaning and mystery at the birth of primitive arts.

 First, we first approach people who made origin fine arts.

 It will clarify the reason that people made art bloom on this place and at this time.

 This time, it shows the situation in which human beings had been deploying to each continent.







 Journey of human beings

< Journey of human beings  

 The map shows the situation in which human beings deployed to each continent.

 The lines and the arrows show the representative root and each initial period.

 The map simplified ”JOURNEY OF MANKIND” (with Bradshaw Foundation and 0ppenheimer).

 Human beings branched from the ancestor of the chimpanzee about 5 million years ago in Africa, and as new species of it were born any number of times after that, but almost became extinct.

 About 40,000 years ago, modern humans (Cro-Magnon) went into Europe.

Soon, Neanderthal that was indigenous inhabitants became extinct.

It is presupposed by archaeological proof that the author of the primitive arts in Europe was Cro-Magnon mostly.




この図はJOURNEY OF MANKIND (Bradshaw Foundationと0ppenheimer氏製作)を簡略化したものです。





Transition of the average temperature during 160,000 years 

< Transition of the average temperature during 160,000 years >

 The time when human beings immigrated to each continent was influenced by climate.

 The general lowering of sea level by the cooling enabled that they go into Asia, Australia and next Japan, and North American continent.

 Conversely, the warming changed desert and ice sheet into prairie, and it enabled that they go into Europe, next Northern Europe, and Africa and South American continent.

This is one of the reasons that the commencing time of the primitive arts have varied.

Growth and decay of the fine arts in Europe was influenced by climate.

 The statue of Venus was made in large numbers from 32000 to 25000 years ago. Wonderful cave mural paintings, such as Lascaux and Altamira, were made from 19000 to 15000 years ago.

 Ice sheet expanded most between both the periods in 21000 years ago.

 When warming advanced rapidly, the fine arts declined quickly, and it had been lost until the Celtic bronze ware culture began.







ビーナス像が32~25千年前に大量に造られた。ラスコーやアルタミラ等のすばらしい洞窟壁画は19~15千年前に造られた。氷床は21000年前, 両期間の間で最も広がりました。



Vegetation of the last glacial maximum LGM (21,000 years ago),

< Vegetation of the last glacial maximum LGM (21,000 years ago), by PNAS >

Central Europe of this period was covered with snow and ice in winter, and grass in summer.

Africa and India were dry than now.

The northwestern part (Kimberley neighborhood) of Australia approximated to Southeast Asia across a strait, also was forests.

also had the neighborhood and a across and a strait.

The northwestern part (Kimberley neighborhood) of Australia approximated to Southeast Asia across a strait, also was forests.

Japan was connected with the continent in part and was covered with the forest than now.

Human beings were not able to go south, because North America was covered with the glacier.

The period before and behind this became a little warm and human beings became easy to live and migrate.

In this way, the primitive fine arts flowered at the migrated place.


Next time, we will look at the life of Cro-Magnon man in Europe, and some factor of birth of fine arts also.













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