A wonderful place, Okinawa 6 :   people’s daily life


Ryukyu of smuggling country in medieval times became Okinawa of military base in the present.

Its image is charming and strange.

Since I traveled Okinawa for the first time in 20 years and am reading the history of Okinawa, I became to understand little it.

This time, I would like to tell you the surprise obtained in contact with people of Okinawa.






Fishing port

< Fishing port >

At seven o’clock in morning, although I walked a fishing port, there were only big warehouses in the wharf, and few people.

On several boats that had been tied on the pier, men were preparing a diving.

There was not ambience of a fishing port.




cisterns of farmed sea grapes

< a situation in the warehouse >

Because I wondered, gained agreement with entering the warehouses.

When I went into one of the warehouses, in it had been filled with cisterns of farmed sea grapes (seaweed).

The delicacies have been cultivated in the rich seawater that was pumped.





I had a conversation with fishermen in the fishing port.


I: “I heard that Okinawa has dropped out of the most long-lived prefecture. Since the meat diet increased, are you also metabolic syndrome? ”

Fisherman: “In order to maintain skin in the severe sunlight of Okinawa, pork is required.”


I: ”I came here about 20 years ago. In those days, here was grassland as far as I could see. However, many shops and hotels are currently crammed here. This area developed, didn’t it?”

Fisherman: ” Although it developed, most of business or enterprises has been practiced by people of mainland, and people of Okinawa are few.


They told real intention with smiling.









houses near the fishing port

< houses near the fishing port >

Most houses in Okinawa were made of concrete as this photo.

Last time, I had felt an uncomfortable feeling in the scenery that disregarded tradition.

After the war, in consideration of the typhoon, people imitated the lodgings of the U.S. Forces and have built the houses while paying big expenses.







< grave >

People’s most conservative senses appear in the style of grave.

This grave is the style of China.




I had a conversation with a young woman.


I: “A long time ago, how was your name pronounced?”

Woman: “It has not changed from of old.”

The next day, she revealed to me.

Woman: “since I asked parents, for the first time I knew that it has changed into a reading of Japan’s mainland from the dialect of Okinawa at Meiji Period.

For her, knowing it may be unhappy.

On many occasions, Okinawa has been thrown into disorder concerning whether people select independence or protection from China or Japan.

Okinawa has had an antipathy to the rule of Japan so much.












U.S. base

< A U.S. base, the greatest air force base in the Far East, red shows U.S. bases. >

Please refer to it.


What has made Okinawa?

In ancient times, Okinawa was close to Japan along many islands following on Kyushu.

Before long, when the ocean-going ship developed, Okinawa became close to huge China

Since China and Japan in eastern Asia has restricted the trade, Ryukyu has played an active part in marine trade.

The West has come to invade Asia on southern routes.

Okinawa that has been a small national land and the deficient in industry escaped large-scale invasion but wasn’t able to attain independence.

Always, Okinawa was forced to accept a role of the port of call and a stopping point by China, Japan, and the West.

Okinawa also has found a way into it.

And Okinawa is an important point of military base in the Far East now.


This time, this series of Okinawa is finished.

Thank you for reading this for long.

















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