Birth of primitive art 17: It might tell us something.

The color of earth people's skin 

< The color of earth people’s skin >


This series of “Birth of primitive art ” is finished in this time.

We look at things that people of 30000 years ago left and have more than one interpretation today.

I feel that the secret of human-beings evolution and a still more important suggestion are hidden in them.






making negative hand shape

< Left fig.: making negative hand shape. Right fig.: the hand shape >


These hand shapes were painted 20,000 years ago in a cave, France.

Many kind of pattern were painted bending finger as indicated.

These are found all over the world at 15% of ruins in 13000~35000 years ago.

It may show the number.

There are peoples who count number of heads until 20 using the finger of his hand within the reindeer nomad in Siberia.









Venus of Laussel

< partial diagrammatic view, Venus of Laussel, France, 25000 years ago >


This Venus has a horn of the bison on which the lines of 13 was engraved.

The lines probably show a number of the moons for one year, and some days.




a board made from a bone, France, 28000 years ago

< a board made from a bone, France, 28000 years ago >


Many symbols that have segregated and been continuing probably show phases of the moon.




The symbols of rock arts of the prehistoric age

< The symbols of rock arts of the prehistoric age、by Bradshaw Foundation >


The symbols were drawn repeatedly in 146 caves in France.

Surprisingly, the same as the symbols had appeared all over the world.

The symbols were drawn 13000~35000 years ago.

Within the 26 symbols, there are 15 symbols that are found at 15% or more of all the ruins.

The zig-zag sign at the right lower was found in Australia, the north-south United States, India, and inside and Southern Africa.

The symbols were drawn 13000~20000 years ago.










What would these mean?


They had already treated the number.

With that、The number of game animal was counted, the calendar was recorded and the period like childbirth was possibly measured.

They have recognized surrounding nature abstractly, and were thinking of it and expressing it.


Their capability to express fine arts and the symbols suddenly did not appeared in glacial epoch of Europe.

I think that people in those days were unable to tell the symbols to all each continent.

Those days, all people that had diffused on the earth must have had the same intelligence and feeling.


Because human beings had been adapted to the climate for the past 10,000 years at most, the color of skin changed, and the race was birthed.

Europe of the glacial epoch enabled the settlement of group, and explosion of fine arts was induced, and disappeared by warming.

That’s just about it.


Thank you for reading this series until the last.























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2 thoughts on “Birth of primitive art 17: It might tell us something.

  1. There is a fictional book series that start with The Clan of the Cave Bear. In the later books the wise women must reverse their sleeping to keep track of the moon, like the stone carving you have in this post. I was wondering in my imagination what it could have looked like and you provided just the right image.

    Thank you for sharing your travels, education and opinions.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I am glad that there was a photograph suitable for your image in my blog.

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