Something is strange 15: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is amazing.

Hashimoto is right side     

<  Hashimoto is right side  >

I was evaluating Mayor Hashimoto’s capability highly.

He is excellent in insight and judgment.

I expected him, though I have felt a shade of anxiety.

There were some persons who compare him to dictator Hitler.

Although he also has had a habit of discarding the socially weak and hawks, but in order to change old-style political system, I thought that his force was required.







” Anyone must understand that the military’s comfort-women was required.”

His utterance is uncanny.

Many rascalities are performed in the war all over the world, and he says that it is only one of the necessary evils.

” Because the Japanese have been incorruptible unlike foreign country, didn’t execute the rascality in battle area.”

There are people believing so.

On the other hand, in the West, the group behavior of Japanese soldier was looked unusual.

He denied, ” The rascality act did not exist” and admitted that it is the range of common sense.

It may develop to ” Taking women by force were required.”

Although his intention is different from it, the influence is great.

「慰安婦制度は必要なのは誰だってわかる。」 彼の発言が凄い!  








 a comfort woman statue and an American Mayer

< a comfort woman statue and an American Mayer >

From a slightly different angle

If it was older days, there were many unjust acts and much disregard for human rights. it is sure.

However, there have been people’s efforts little by little, and it is improved.

This problem is that he was trying the daring utterance that many politicians avoid usually.

He wants to serve as the mouthpiece of people that have disallowed the past aggression of Japan.

A thing that I was worried was that he emphasizes an ultra nationalism tendency.

In present Japan, the ultra nationalism is strongly connected with conservatism, and becomes hostile to the neighboring country.

At the beginning, Hitler pretended a friend of workers.

Escalating into conflict, he partnered with conservative class that has a funding ability and a military strength.

And he had a nation in his hands.

Our history has shown it.

Our democracy is denied soon and a possibility of miserable conclusion becomes high.














a march of battle of Imphal 

< a march of battle of Imphal >

Anthropologist Emanuel Todd indicated that Japan and Germany have the strong tendency.





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2 thoughts on “Something is strange 15: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is amazing.

  1. 橋本さん応援していたんですけれどね。彼は知事から市長になって大阪のために何をしたいかわすれてしまっているのでしょうかね。なんか最近議論していないから、議論したくなったみたいにすら思えます。
    あの子もこの子もみんなやっていたから僕だけ怒られて謝る必要ないって駄々こねているみたいです。彼なりの主張があっても今その立場でなかろうと。 大阪市民おいてけぼり。かな。って思います。

  2. 私も、周囲が彼をけなすと、意地になって弁護していました。

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