Something is strange 16: rising share prices


a bubble economy burst

Now, Japan has been seething with rising share prices after a long time.

But I worry a little about it.

It is a bubble economy burst.

A stock plunge occurred in Japan, 1989.

Since then, the economic growth rate of an average of 5% has fallen from 0 to 1 % for 20 years or more.

In further 2007, the Lehman shock happened.










a transition of the Nikkei Stock Average 

< a transition of the Nikkei Stock Average >

After the bubble economy burst in 1989, an average 150 trillion yen (30% of GDP) value had been disappearing every year, and it continued nine years.

In 1989, the amount of domestic asset evaluation was 457 trillion yen, and the price of GDP was 409 trillion yen.


Is the bubble a fate?  Must we live with it?

The damage is too serious.

There are those who increase assets sharply, but on the other hand, those who reduce occur one after another.

100 trillion yen transfers lightly in the domestic market, and a part of it becomes defaults.

It has happened every about ten years repeatedly.











What is the problem of the bubble?


A huge amount of debt remains, and people must be paying it.

It becomes the fetters of the next development over a long period of time.

Furthermore, in order to fill a gap between the bulging annual expenditure and the massive decrease in annual tax revenue, public investment and issue of bond are performed boundlessly.

As a result, the immense outstanding obligation stacks.

This makes a national finance rigid too.








revenue, expenditure and amount of government bond issuance in Japan, 1984~2010year、

< revenue, expenditure and amount of government bond issuance in Japan, 1984~2010year、red: expenditure, dark blue: revenue, green: bond issuance  >

Not only that.


The profits of speculation have been concentrated on the rich class that has a large amount fund more.

This makes additionally the consumption downturn, and speculative money expansion.

And it causes the return of bubble and the economic discrepancy.

From the 1980s, this tidal current has advanced in the world and is increasing more and more.

The statesman and economist who are going to accuse and prevent this are few.

Next time, it is followed.











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2 thoughts on “Something is strange 16: rising share prices

  1. As in the United States and much of the world, I think most problems with national economies can be traced back to central banking policies and to the very nature of central banks.

    • Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I think your comment is absolutely correct.
      Many central banks boosted only the economy, and couldn’t control national market.

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