Something is strange. 19: the nuclear plant accident is all but forgotten. 2

 the rubble of Fukushima

Following from last time, we look at the background of promoting nuclear plants.


The technical and economical problem of the nuclear plant is already clear.

It is trustworthy that it is not what is exchanged for danger.

Most people refused even the rubble of Fukushima that our nation certified safe.


Last time, I brought up six reasons that the nuclear plant problem has been not stared.


Three reasons of the first half can be summarized in ” ignoring.”

Although this is general mind, its handling is not so easy.


The well similar example is smoking of tobacco.

It passed over five decades from recognizing as tobacco being harmful.

However, since there is violent advertisement of the tobacco industry and tobacco’s dependence property was high, it did not go to reduction easily.

But the prohibition of smoking became a global tide and has improved considerably.

The harmful campaign that led by the government of each nation was the most effective.


I think that the reduction is not expected unless a governmental posture is changed.






















 a question of an investigating committee

< a question of an investigating committee >


Three reasons of the finish half can be summarized in ” entrusting it to a person of power.”


This is a problem rooted in peculiar political culture of Japan.


Kurokawa chairman of the accident investigation committee said that a nuclear plant disaster originated in Japanese culture.


Going against the government policy by the regulation committee will be not possible like the past trial of nuclear plant probably.

Although the magnitude of nuclear plant-related economic is huge, Japan has experienced the shift of many industries in the past.

Rather, The problem was that the oligopoly and the adhesion expanded and the resisted force became strong.


“Since we elected current government in the election, must entrust it to them.”

It is no good.














Tsuruga nuclear plant built on an active fault.

< Tsuruga nuclear plant built on an active fault. >


Current government exactly has adhered the nuclear plant industry, and has protected it.

In that sense, nuclear plant reduction by current government may be an empty dream.












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