New fables of Aesop 5 : monkeys in two valleys

   1 monkey

Long, long ago in a certain place, there were a black valley and a red valley.

In the past, two groups of monkeys lived in both valleys, but there is nobody in the red valley now.

Let’s look back on old times a little.




2 monkey

Once a lot of persimmon trees were in two valleys, and the chestnut trees were less than it.

The monkeys liked the persimmon, because they can easy eat tastily.


Monkeys in the red valley scattered eaten persimmon seeds on the ground.

The red valley became full of the persimmon trees before long.

In autumn, ripe persimmons filled the valley with red color.

The monkeys swore about the monkeys of the black valley.

“They are the stupid guys who do not know the pleasure, because they are growing many distasteful chestnuts despite hardships.”










3 monkey



On the other hand, many of monkeys in the black valley were sharing a certain thought.

“We do not reduce the chestnut trees as well as the persimmon trees.”

Regrettably, there were fellow that planted persimmon trees and monopolized persimmons.

However, all together, they cracked down on the transgressor.

They cultivated both of trees so that it may become the same in number.







4 monkey

The sign of the change has begun to be seen in the red valley before long.

The soil was being infertile from overwork, and then the persimmons have decreased little by little.

However, everybody thought that a good harvest would come sometime soon.

One year, Rain decreased and the persimmon became bad harvest.

In addition, a severe winter came and was a longer interval.

Their foods were exhausted at last.

When spring came, the monkeys disappeared from the red valley once for all.

On the other hand, the monkeys of the black valley were able to eat the preserved chestnut little by little.

Thanks to this, they were able to get over the winter.


In this way, bright and dark sides of two valleys separated.

A patriarch monkey of the black valley always said.

 “If we endure a little now, and make efforts to bring up it, we will not become unhappy in the future.”















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