Something is strange. 22 : Whose is the patent? 1

 Intellectual property rights include industrial property rights.

< Intellectual property rights include industrial property rights. >

Should a patent belong to an employee that invented it?

Or, is the patent a thing of the company as the government says?

Actually, this problem might determine the future of Japan.






The steam engine of James Watt 

< The steam engine of James Watt >

Why is the patent right necessary?


The Industrial Revolution arose in Britain in 18 century.

At this time, new spinning machine, power plant, steel manufacture technology, and transportation were invented one after another.

Strangely, the input resources such as raw cotton, wool, iron, coal, and water were almost the same.

A result of the change made it possible to produce finished goods with high efficiency, low cost, high quality.

This launched new industries and numberless companies, and produced the British overseas competitiveness.


Famous inventor James Watt founded the steam engine production company, and continued inventing.

The reason was because, since his patent right was admitted, he obtained the remuneration by an exclusive sale right.

The inventors who expected the benefit of own patent right continued performing invention and technical improvement every day.













a world's first car by Benz in 1885

< a world’s first car by Benz in 1885 >


Afterwards, many of founders of typical enterprises (car, electricity, and telegraphic communication, etc.) in Europe and the United States were inventors.


Thus, The patent is a detonator that produced the industrial innovation.


About the current Japanese situation.


The employed inventor in a company can leave his own name in a Patent Gazette as “Inventor”.


However, his reward per one patent that is paid by the company might be 10,000 yen (100 dollars) or less.

The company that is “applicant” of the Patent Gazette has all the patent rights (the company paid the application expense).

Furthermore, Japan has culture of labor such as a house union, a continuous service.


In other words it is treated uniformly without the result of the invention being evaluated, and, as for the inventor, it is not possible for the company by request of the value.

That is, the accomplishment of invention is not evaluated, and is treated uniformly.

And the inventor cannot claim the counter value to the company.













 the steel industry advances. Industrial Revolution 

< the steel industry advances. Industrial Revolution >


This situation has not achieved the purpose of raising motivation for invention.


Next time, I introduce an inventor who stood up to their situation by one person, and pursue the subject.










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2 thoughts on “Something is strange. 22 : Whose is the patent? 1

  1. For a time my husband worked for a company that basically allowed people to be creative, but since one produced that creativity on ‘company time’ they did not hold the ‘patient’ of what was created. Awards sit in the closet. And through mismanagment of owners and leaders that company no longer exists. Perhaps that is ‘free enterprise?’

    One of our children tried to obtain a patient…the process long and costly for individuals. I do not remember the much, but their was a movie based on a true story of a man who invented intermitante (different speed) windshield wipers for cars… in his basement. And he fought the company that more or less stole the idea from him, and I believe he won.

    Thank you for your informitave posts and vistis.

  2. Thank you for teaching a valuable your episode.
    Because I wanted to know situations in the country other than Japan, I am glad.
    Always thank you for an appropriate comment.

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