Something is strange. 23 : Whose is the patent? 2

blue LED

Last time, we looked at an importance of the patent and a backward situation of Japan.

This time, through a behavior of one developer, I consider what is necessary for Japan.


A developer who brought a suit for patent compensation.


Mr. Nakamura of the developer who invented blue LED that was put to practical use brought a suit against the company in 2001 after he left the company.

The lower court decision ordered the company the payment of 20 billion yen as patent compensation.

After, he was reconciled with the company for 800 million yen.

The profit of the company came to exceed 10 billion from one billion every year after he invented it.

The value of his invention is wonderful.

His patent compensation was 20,000 yen during his tenure of office.

All compensations of the employee invention in Japan are similar.

After this trial, some inventors brought a suit against the company across Japan and have begun to claim the rightful compensation.















6 中村修二博士

Even if an invention is an epoch-making thing, in Japan, an employee is not rewarded.


In this situation, why is the government going to further remove the patent right to the company from the employee?


It is an intention of an economic community.


For a company, the patent litigation from an employee is only a risk of causing enormous amount of expense

The company wants to obtain the invention by paying conventional little remuneration.


In any working place of Japan, the employees don’t dislike the improvement activity without overtime pay.


It may be said that such extraordinary labor-management relations of Japan supported high economic growth of Japan.

However, the system is collapsing.


The things to support the continuous service that were the source of the loyalty are disappearing.

These are a discontinuance of promotion by seniority, an expansion of irregular employment, and a reduction of retirement benefit system etc.


That is, the conventional labor-management relations have been broken unilaterally by the intention of the economic community and the government for these about 30 years.

The patent is only the one example.

This situation is only certainly bitterness for the worker.

However, being in zero growth economy and a contraction of domestic demand, I can also understand that a company wants to reduce in amount.


This is a vicious circle.


An important thing is to say what is indispensable for a Japanese economic revival.

Next time, I look at this point.




















  7 ビル・ゲイツ






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