my kitchen garden: summer、small life

kitchen garden

My wife is doing the kitchen garden.

There are the cucumber, the tomato, the watermelon, the eggplant, and the green pepper, etc. at their peak now.

Today, I look at the flowers and the insects of the vegetable.






the pumpkin flower

A honeybee is just going to jump into the center of the pumpkin flower.


eggplant flower

A big bee jumped at the eggplant flower.


green soybean

A small green grasshopper sticks to a green soybean, and only the head can be seen.

The grasshopper is in lower left-hand side of the green soybean of center in the photo.



cucumber flower

A bee is eating greedily in the center of a cucumber flower.


: summer vegetables in my kitchen garden

A: summer vegetables in my kitchen garden

B: An eggplant

C: a pumpkin

D: a flower of okra

E: a flower of green soybean

A: 菜園内の夏野菜

B: なすび

C: カボチャ

D: オクラの花

E: 枝豆の花


A spider made the nest to the branch of a graph tomato.

The small spider is in approximately center of the photograph, and orange color.


Many of insects in the garden are noxious insects for me, because caterpillar or wooly bear eat leaf and fruit.

Though the appearance where the butterfly flies is graceful and is good.

On the other hand, there are the insects that are helpful by pollination like honeybee.

After coming to help the kitchen garden, it became clear that the insect is either my friend or foe  (laughter).

Either way, the insect became familiar.








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22 thoughts on “my kitchen garden: summer、small life

  1. こんにちは!

    • 最近は2日に一度、朝に菜園を手伝います。短い時間で写真を撮りました。沢山、虫がいるのに驚きました。バッタは撮影後、写真を見て気づいたので、拡大がこれ以上出来なかった。見づらくて申し訳ありませんでした。

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is wonderful. I really appreciate how you translate too – thank you :).

    Beautiful photos. Oh wow, your home seems like a heaven.

  3. 夏野菜の写真いいですね~

    • ありがとうございます。菜園を手伝っていて、ついでに撮影しました。カメラを通して、虫の動きをじっくり見ることが出来ました。

  4. 美しい写真,(Googleの翻訳から; translation from Google)

    • ありがとうございます。I help my kitchen garden once in two days, and is sweating.
      Harvesting is pleasant.

  5. Lovely garden. The produce will serve you well when it turns cold again.

  6. Thank you for commenting my blog. Soon, I and wife have to prepare autumn vegetable.
    Cultivation and harvest of vegetables revolve all the year round.

  7. aquacmpassさんこんにちは、今年の夏は夏日が多く、市場では野菜の値の高騰ですね、それに比べて奥さんの菜園で助かっているのではありませんか?

    • はい、大いに助かっています。毎日、8種類ほど野菜の食べ放題です。さらにスイカ、まっか瓜なども食べれるようになりました。出来すぎて、食べきれないで、近所に配っています。

  8. Wonderful kitchen garden, we used to have a similar one when I was young, my mother and older brother used to manage it very well and we always had lots of fresh season vegetables. Now living in an apartment building it is tough to grow vegetables, so me and my wife are happy to manage our flower and green decorative plants in small pots.

    • the fresh and no agrochemicals are the greatest merit.
      However, the care of a kitchen garden requires time and effort.
      Where do you live in now?
      Is it a city?

      • You are right, it required a lot of time, effort and love to take care of the plants. Yes I live in a city, just outside New Delhi, in an apartment building.

        I so wish to be able to retire with my wife one day to a small home next to a river with greenery all around, where we can grow veggies in our small garden read all the books that I wanted to read all my life day and night.

      • You consider the life after retiring, although you are still young.
        You like reading very much. Are you a vegetarian now?

      • 🙂 the average life expectancy is lower in India. And I have no wish to live for a very long time. I’ve crossed forty and tried to accomplish my duties towards my parents and siblings, in next 20 years I would try to wrap up my duties towards my kids and society, then retire along with my wife. Ha ha that’s is the plan as of now, lets see what the destiny has in store for me.

        I have always been a vegetarian, I was born into a Brahmin Hindu family who are suppose uphold the virtues of religion, eat only vegetarian food, read and share the knowledge of scriptures. Brahmins are also blamed for the conservatism and traditional practices of Hindu religion.

      • Even if Japanese people may protect traditional culture, they are not so eager for religion, including me.
        I knew your way of life now, therefore I have to be surprised at much difference of each other grievously.
        After this, I want to become friends, accepting each other.

  9. Thank you Yamada San, I am truly honored.

  10. This year I am getting vegetables from a co-op farmers market. Though I have one voluntary cherry tomato plant. Continued success with your large garden.

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