Introduction of the movie : ”Lincoln”

Lincoln, movie

This is a film work describing U.S. President Lincoln.

The film director is Steven Spielberg.

I recommend this movie to you.


The movie portrays President Lincoln for 28 days who gets “Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution” through the Congress in 1865.

This amendment became an epoch that this nation goes on to the abolition of slavery.

Constitutional amendments advanced after his death too, and the system of the black freedom that he desired was constructed.











Lincoln, movie

The movie chases the President carrying the realization of an emancipation of slaves alone in a civil war and a crisis of dividing nation.

He was a father who must send a son to the battlefield and was a husband who was blamed by his wife for it.

The film director portrays the loneliness, the suffering and the decision of a man scrupulously.







Lincoln, movie

Lincoln was founding president of the Republican Party that demanded the emancipation of slaves and freedom.

The Civil War was in the fifth year, and 600,000 lives were lost.

In this situation, he cannot but give up the emancipation of slaves for the cease-fire and the prevention of dividing nation.






Lincoln, movie

< Now!Now!>

But, if he misses this opportunity, he judges that there is not a way of the emancipation of slaves.

Then he submits the constitutional amendment that will be little possibility of approval.


He persuaded eagerly mainstream cease-fire group and radical emancipationist group of the Republican Party.

Moreover, he broke down several men of dissident the Democratic Party.

The amendment was enacted in reverse by a narrow margin, and this became a climax of the move.

The Civil War terminated in the surrender of the Confederate Army, and a strong federate nation without the compromise was completed, and the emancipation of slaves that Lincoln desired was accepted in the whole land.

This was the result of his strong will and political competence.









Lincoln, movie

The feature-length movie didn’t include the war spectacle, and most were scenes of various human relations in the Congress and the White House.


I was greatly impressed and wondered at it.

1.       Prominent mind and ability of one person decided a future of the nation. 

2.       Although the emancipation of slaves might have given the nation the great blow, the U.S. finished crucial reforms.

3.       What does Lincoln’s loftiness depend on?  Lincoln was a pious Protestantism.






1.      一人の卓越した精神と能力が国の将来を決めた。 

2.      奴隷制否定は経済に大打撃を与え国の分裂を招くものだったが、米国は大改革を成し遂げた。

3.      リンカーンの崇高さは何処から来たのだろうか? リンカーンは敬虔なプロテスタントだった。



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8 thoughts on “Introduction of the movie : ”Lincoln”

  1. こんにちは(*^_^*)

    • 私も映画を見た後で、歴史を調べれば調べるほど、彼の偉大さがわかり、感動しました。

  2. I liked this movie a lot, I saw it twice in theaters. Steven Spielberg always makes good movies.

    • 凄いですね!! この映画、一般には面白い部類では無いですね。スピルバーグの映画「シンドラーのリスト」もそうですが、迫真に迫り、感動と一緒に大きく訴えるものがあります。見て良かったです。

  3. 初めて読んだ書籍が小学二年生のときで「リンカーン伝」でした。
    映画をぜひ見たいと思います。 秋は見たい映画が目白押しです。

    • この映画の良かったことは、リンカーンと政権内、与野党の議員、家族の会話を通じて、彼の意志や苦悩が丁寧に描かれていることです。私にとっては貴重な映画でした。

  4. Wonderful movie. One of the most loved and respected President of United States of America. The world today needs leaders with such character even more. The acting by the main actors was of such quality that at time I felt as if I am watching a actual historical documentary.

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