Card throwing and Higgs boson

 Card throwing

This year, the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to the prophet of the “Higgs boson”.

Existence of this particle was confirmed in the huge underground experiment place in the Geneva suburbs this year.

About this importance, I write down my impression.






 the detector of European Laboratory for Particle Physics(CERN)

 the detector of European Laboratory for Particle Physics(CERN), two persons at the lower left >


When young, I had a certain question.

When throwing a card, if we let the snap of a wrist and rotated it, it will often fly to a distance.

If it is not rotated, it will fall immediately.

This is because the inertia energy increases by the rotation and it becomes difficult to slow down to air resistance.

This is the same reason as a spinning top that was rotated becomes difficult to fall over.

However, I didn’t quite get it.


The substance of our universe

Now, human beings can explain a motion of Galaxy or planets within our universe of radius of 13,700 million light-years by gravity.

However, the gravity isn’t transmitted in a trice but only transmitted at the velocity of light.

This is mysterious again.

It seems that it is filled with something even if the universe is a vacuum.
















 Higgs boson produces inertial mass

< Higgs boson produces inertial mass. >


The appearance of Higgs boson

In 1964, “Higgs boson” was propounded as what is able to give inertia mass to the material of our universe.

In order to prove it, many scholars have experimented with the particle accelerator of a round of 27 km for a few decades.

And at last it was confirmed.


What this discovery means.

When a card was rotated, Higgs boson that had stuck to it operated on it and the inertia mass was increasing.

An understanding to the universe and inertial mass took a step forward.

However, the gravity is not explained yet.












 History of the Universe 

< History of the Universe >


When was this Higgs boson born?

The universe was born by Big Bang 13,700 million years ago from a void spot, and the particles were also born.

By the subsequent rapid expansion, Higgs boson were filled in the universe within a much shorter than 0.0000001 seconds.

And the particles came to have inertial mass except light.

In this way, the substance of the universes came to have the form and the movement, and then became stable.


What is great?

We, human beings are able to reason till a maximum space of 40 billion light years or a minimum world of much smaller than 1/100,000,000 mm, and at 13,700 million years ago.

Then we are able to prove it in the experiment.

Human beings evolved from the life that had arisen 4 billion years ago at a planet of this universe.

And we accomplished it by accumulation of the knowledge for approximately 3,000 years at most.

However it seems to be difficult to get peace and tranquility.
















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2 thoughts on “Card throwing and Higgs boson

  1. Altough I don’t know anything about physics, the CERN research fascinates me. I also heard about the Nobel prize. I believe it went to three people who together predicted the Higgs boson and one of them was a Belgian. I feel proud! It is not often that my country is in the news with things like that.

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