Travel to South Korean 2: Andong Hahoe folk village“安東河回村”1

On October 22, this year, I went Andong Hahoe folk village of the world heritage.

Here, it is famous as a village of Yangban.

The village is where the members of Ryu family have lived together for 600 years.

Around a hundred houses retain the original form of hundreds-of-years-old style on the land that the Nakdong River“洛東江”flows around in an S shape


The merit of this village is not to be made as a tourist site.

I saw an idyllic landscape in the village in the small basin.










Bird's-eye view of Andong Hahoe folk village

< Bird’s-eye view of Andong Hahoe folk village >

The village was surrounded by the river and mountains and was suitable for protected land.

It is especially well known as the birthplace of a great Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty(after 1392) and a Prime Minister of it.

They were from Yangban. 

Yangban were part of the traditional ruling class or nobles of the Joseon Dynasty.

They had high knowledge of Confucianism, and had elite consciousness.







The South Korean history drama "a distinguished family"

< The South Korean history drama “a distinguished family”>

This is a drama describing a family of Yanban of the Joseon Dynasty.

This is a scene of the family discourse of Yanban.





 South Korean map: yellow = Andong, red = Gyeongju, and black = Pusan. 

< South Korean map: yellow = Andong, red = Gyeongju, and black = Pusan. >

Why did important human resources grow from this land in deep mountains?

The brown line is one of the Buddhism transmission routes from China to Gyeongju.

The dark blue line was Nakdong River, and the important water traffic route connected with the sea.

This land was important for a long time.






The whole view of the village

< The whole view of the village, by “こころ、きらめく韓国“ >

The tile-roofed houses in which the Yanban resided occupied the center, the thatched houses in which the servants resided had surrounded the circumference of it.

Although the tile-roofed houses of the Yanban are surrounded by the strong wall, the thatched houses have many things without a wall.





I enter the village.


A corner of the village is visible beyond honey-colored rice stalks.

< A corner of the village is visible beyond honey-colored rice stalks. >


 Some sceneries of the village.


Some sceneries of the village.


< Some sceneries of the village. >


a house of Yanban

< a house of Yanban  >

When Queen Elizabeth visited at Korea, she stayed at the house, and an famous prime minister of the Joseon Dynasty had resided in it at one time.

Upper photo is the room which is located immediately at the front.

We can look a fuel hole of the Ondol (an underfloor heating) at lacked foundation stone of lower left of lower photo.

Two chimneys of the Ondol can be seen at right side.







Structure of the Ondol 

< Structure of the Ondol  >

The underfloor heating is common in the Korean Peninsula till the present through the ages.

  “Andong Hahoe folk village”   


This article continues on the next time








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2 thoughts on “Travel to South Korean 2: Andong Hahoe folk village“安東河回村”1

  1. こんにちは(*^_^*)

    • 6年程前に旅行したとき、家族向けのリゾートホテルの床下暖房は温かったです。私は寒がりなので助かります。

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