Go around the world of Buddha statues 11: the statues of Korea and Japan 3

 MentuhotepⅡ, Cairo, the 21st century BC 

< 1. MentuhotepⅡ, Cairo, the 21st century BC >   

I infer the reason why the Buddha statues of Korea and it of Japan have been different.


A thing I thought firstly

The above figure was the great king who revived Ancient Egypt that had been in disorder.

When I watched it in Cairo museum once, I felt a sense of incongruity to the thickness of the leg.

It was unbecoming in the wonderful statues of Egypt.

According to one of the reasons, the art seemed to have declined by a long-term disorder of the dynasty.

I thought that expression of the face of the Korean Buddha statues would be the same as the above reason.

It is because Joseon Dynasty abolished many temples and oppressed Buddhism.












Another reason

However, while I investigated, I noticed bigger reason of history and geopolitics.






< 2. Kongorikishi >

A:  Tibet, others are unknown

B:  China, Dun Huang, latter half of the 9th century

C:  China, Beijing, this temple was founded in Yuan Dynasty (the 13~14th century)

D:  Japan, Todai-ji temple, Kamakura period, 1203

 I think the expression of the face of Kongorikishi statues is almost the same in all the areas of Mahayana Buddhism.

The crown of C image resembles the thing of Tibet.

A: チベット、年代不明。

B: 中国、敦煌、9世紀後半。

C: 中国、北京碧云寺、寺創建が元時代(13~14世紀)。

D: 日本、東大寺、鎌倉時代、1203年、運慶・快慶作。



a image that was pictured in a gate of a Buddhist temple in Korea 

< 3. a image that was pictured in a gate of a Buddhist temple in Korea >

Although I see this picture as a soldier of Yuan Dynasty (Mongolia), a Kongorikishi image should usually be pictured here.



Influence of Yuan Dynasty

The 10-14th century was a period when horseback races of the North rose in the whole land of Asia.

The Korean Peninsula had a border with many nations of horseback races at the north edge.

Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) became the Asian greatest empire at last and ruled the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) of Korean Peninsula.

Because this empire recommended Tibetan Buddhism, a common point of the Buddha statues among Tibet, Mongolia, China, and Korean Peninsula was born.

Then the influence remains after the 14th century.


On the other hand, after an extinction of Tang Dynasty (the 10 century), when China came in disorder, Japan entered the closure of the country.

Therefore, Japan of an island country came to develop the different Buddhist art from a continent.










The world before Tang Dynasty

In order to know the influence that the Buddhist art received, I look at the state just before that.




a map in power relationships of Liao and Song Dynasty in 1111

< 4.  a map in power relationships of Liao and Song Dynasty in 1111. Liao is shown with green, and Song is yellow. >

Liao Dynasty(916-1125) had a border with Goryeo Dynasty, and Song Dynasty (960-1276) ) had a border with Liao.

Tang Dynasty was apt to be thought to be the golden age of the Buddhist art.

But, in the times of Song and Liao of horseback races, furthermore the superior arts were made.

To be continued later.





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