Travel to South Korean 10: What did I feel in this travel?

from a tour bus

      < 1.  from a tour bus >

I write the change and the culture that I felt in my body.

 We ran through Korea with a tour bus, and were tired because long riding.

Further we were tired because getting anxious about his driving.

We became nervous continuously because the bus had passed frequently a car, interrupted between cars, and been braked suddenly.







The suburbs of Pusan”釜山” and Daegu”大邱” 

< 2.The suburbs of Pusan”釜山” and Daegu”大邱” >

Whenever I come to Korea, I was surprised by the forest of high-rise apartments in suburbs.

Brand-new and elegant high-rise apartments and neat gardens and fence stand out.




. a resort hotel and park of Seoraksan” 雪岳山” 

< 3. a resort hotel and park of Seoraksan” 雪岳山” >

I saw people who enjoyed the hotel life in a large-scale resort.

In addition, I saw the scene that men and women of advanced age had been enjoying sightseeing in big numbers weekdays.

The dress was colorful and they was enjoyed the fashion.

When I watched TV, young actors who were familiar in Japan had been advertising the outdoor jacket frequently.







Liancourt Rocks “ 竹島“ 

< 4. Liancourt Rocks “ 竹島“ >

On the street, I was surprised with seeing Liancourt Rocks (islands) had been pictured greatly on the side of one bus.

I asked a guide it, and a sightseeing tour of Liancourt Rocks seemed to be popular.

When I turned on TV on early morning in a hotel, a picture of a military exercise and Liancourt Rocks was flowing along with the broadcast start.

If I think deeply, since the Korean War, because Korea have continued a wartime regime, Korea will need to maintain a feeling of tension.








< 5. Daege >

I realize economic development of Korea whenever I come.

I am surprised at the growth of city, the extension of railroad and expressway, the development of the shopping area.




. a scenery from an expressway 

< 6. a scenery from an expressway >

Korean geographical feature resembles Japan well, and the sea surrounds the country, and mountains occupy most and there is four seasons also.

However, having been connected with the continent led this country to different fate from Japan.




. earnest believer 

< 7. earnest believer >

Thing that I was thinking as traveling at Korea is that many antiquities and buildings became ashes because this ground had received invasion of foreign countries many times. 

Conversely I thought the wonder of the history that Japan was a good luck because Japan was an island in the east edge of a continent.

 Thank you for visiting these articles.







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5 thoughts on “Travel to South Korean 10: What did I feel in this travel?

  1. こんにちは(*^_^*)

  2. ソウルへ20年前にいったきりです。その時も充分発展していましたが、今はもっとすごいでしょうね。いまの空港も知らないのでぜひ再訪してみたいです。ただ、西にすんでいるととても近いのですよね、近すぎていつでもいけると思うとなかなかいけないんですよね。

    • そんな以前に行かれたのですか? 私は韓国歴史ドラマと食事が好きなので、いつかまた行くかも・・。

      • まだ韓流ブームもなく近いからというだけでいきました。

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