Travel to Turkey 1: From Sea of Marmara to Ayvalik “マルマラ海からアイワルクへ”


 . a view of Galibolu from a ferry 

< 1. a view of Galibolu from a ferry >

I traveled in Turkey at the end of May 2009.

I introduce you to a pleasant and wonderful trip of Turkey.




visiting places: A=Galibolu(Gallipoli), B=Troy, C= Ayvalik 

< 2.  visiting places: A=Galibolu(Gallipoli), B=Troy, C= Ayvalik >

Charms of Turkey

As a travel destination: People are sympathetic to Japan, the manner and the public peace is good, the dish is palatable, and the tour fare is cheap.

The history:  the Ruin in Troy of a myth and legendary, and Ephesus or Hierapolis of ancient Greek city, etc.

The culture:  Istanbul having become a point of contact with Europe and Asia, and Islam culture, etc.

The natural scene:  Cappadocia of strangely shaped rocks, Pamukkale of limestone shelves and hot springs, the landscape of arid land, and Aegean Sea, etc.

The economy and society:  Separation of church and state is performed. Turkey was a poor country but is a growth country. There are many of pious villagers in the rural areas.



旅行先として: 人々が日本に好意的、現地のマナーや治安が良い、料理が口に合う、ツアー料金が安い。

歴史: 神話と伝説のトロイ遺跡、古代ギリシャの都市エフェソス、ヒエラポリスなど。

文化: ヨーロッパとアジアの接点となったイスタンブール、イスラム文化など。

自然景観: 奇岩のカッパドキア、石灰棚と温泉のパムツカレ、乾燥した景色、エーゲ海など。

経済・社会 : 政教分離が行われ、貧しい国であるが成長国、信仰心の篤い敬虔な村人。


Port of Galibolu

Our bus has gone southward from Istanbul, soon has run alongside of Sea of Marmara, and we arrive at Galibolu.

We go across to Asia of the opposite bank with a ferry from here.








< 3. Galibolu >

It was fine on that day, and the sea and the sky were wonderful colors.

This port town was large and was overflowing with tourists and citizens.

Many sardines are rested in fish shops, and we ate fried sardines at lunch.






Sea of Marmara


 Sea of Marmara a view of Asia side from a ferry 

< 4. a view of Asia side from a ferry >

There are the Dardanelles in right distant place, and the Bosporus in left distant place.

In the second millennium B.C., many ships of Greece loading up with the cereals of the Black Sea coast came and went this sea.

It had produced the prosperity of Troy of an ancient harbor city, and it created a myth of Trojan War “Iliad”.

Then, the great army of Persia crossed the both straits many times, and attacked Greece.

Subsequently, Alexander the Great crossed these straits and destroyed the Persia.

Precisely, these histories seem to be happening in front of me.










After visiting the ruins of Troy, we go to Ayvalik of a stay place.

I introduced the ruins of Troy in “Travel to feel ancient times sir.2 / Troy in Turkey” of this blog.

The Ayvalik is a new town, new residences was covering the gentle hill and island being surrounded by seas.

Our hotel was in an island and I enjoyed a stroll of the island.





トロイ遺跡はこのブログの「最古を巡る旅 連載2/トルコのトロイ」で紹介しています。




. a view from the island Ayvalik

< 5. a view from the island >


Ayvalik summit of the island 

< 6. a view from a summit of the island > 

Ayvalik sunrise from a seashore

< 7. a sunrise from a seashore in the island >

Two above photographs are about 1 minute lag, and lower photograph is some zoom.

At a stretch, whole sky was dyed red from dark-blue.

I have never experienced like this beautiful moment.






Scenery on the way



< 8. views from our buss >

Upper 2 images are scenes of Europe before riding on a ferry.

Lower 2 images are scenes of Asia after crossing by a ferry.




.  flowers on roadsides 

< 9.  flowers on roadsides >

We will watch brilliant flowers blooming in the dry land with this trip.



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4 thoughts on “Travel to Turkey 1: From Sea of Marmara to Ayvalik “マルマラ海からアイワルクへ”

  1. 世界史の教科書の前の方ーのページの世界ですね。時を遡るような国へいってみたいです。植生も日本と全然違うんですね。

  2. Wonderful travel report. Beautiful photos.

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