Travel to South Korea 11: a table of contents and summary

1.	Seoraksan national park

I made a table of contents and each summary of the past articles.

A table of contents and summary





1.      Seoraksan national park /  雪岳山(ソラクサン)

This mountain faces the Sea of Japan at the northern tip of Korea, and it is famous for autumn leaves.



2.      Andong Hahoe folk village 1 安東河回村 1

3.	Andong Hahoe folk village

Here is a village of Yangban(the aristocracy of Joseon Dynasty), and it maintains in original state.

It is a world heritage, and also famous for a masque.




3.      Andong Hahoe folk village 2 安東河回村 2  

3.	Andong Hahoe folk village

I approach the culture and mysterious scenes of this village.

This masque shows irony, and has a unique flavor.




4.      Pleasant meal  /   楽しい食事

local dishes  

I introduce delicious local dishes of Daegu, Andong, Mt.Seoraksan, and Seoul.

I especially introduce the meal of a fisheries market in Seoul.




5.      Persons whom we met.  First part  /   出会った人々 前編


In this travel, Korean was very kind to us strangely.

I introduce some episodes of each place.




6.      Persons whom we met  Latter part 出会った人々 後編 


I introduce the episodes of Seoul.



7.      Beomeosa (Temple of the Nirvana Fish)  /   梵魚寺


Because this temple was not aimed at sightseeing, I was able to feel the religious faith that had been rooted in local.

This is a big typical temple, and therefore we are well able to understand the atmosphere of Korean Buddhist temple.   




8.      Sightseeing of Busan and Daegu  /  釜山、大邱の観光


I introduce a mountain and a temple located near Pusan, and a city sightseeing of Daegu. 



9.       In Seoul  /   ソウルにて


I introduce sightseeing spots of Seoul.



10.      What did I feel in this travel?   /   旅行で感じたこと 


I describe things that I have watched during the trip, about the development of city, the nature, and the people’s livelihood.

I strongly hope to be making friends with South Korea and the motivated people of neighboring country.






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