The society and the information 25: Wonder of brain and nerves 3

.  a Renoir picture    

< 1.  a Renoir picture    >

Our vision has a splendid image-processing function.

The astonishing skillful processing coexists with an optical illusion arising from it in our brain.





an Utamaro Kitagawa picture 

< 2.  an Utamaro Kitagawa picture >

The color was important to the picture of Renoir of impressionist art.

On the other hand, the outline was important to the Ukiyoe print of Utamaro.

For example, I assume there is a white plate on a white table.

For us, high cognitive capacity is necessary to recognize this plate is different from the table.

I introduce two kinds of image processing functions of helping it.

Now, it is always working in your brain, also while you are reading this blog.









.  Structure of eyes and the retina

< 3.  Structure of eyes and the retina  >


 optical illusion by lateral inhibition of retinal cell

< 4.  optical illusion by lateral inhibition of retinal cell  >

Please see the monochrome gradation of Fig. 4.

You seem to see that there are belts at the part of four arrows.

It does not really exist, but the retinal cell automatically emphasizes the boundary (a change of brightness) as shown in Fig. 3 and the right of Fig. 4.

This extracts a boundary and a characteristic from miscellaneous external world information and raises our cognitive ability.

Furthermore, we can recognize a figuration of the thing that presses our skin, and hear voice from within noise.









.  Which women is fair complexion?

< 5.  Which women is fair complexion? >

You would choose a left person because appearing white more.

This is an optical illusion.

This vision capability that was obtained in evolution plays an important role.






.  I put a picture that was cut from the left into the right 

< 6.  I put a picture that was cut from the left into the right >

After all, left and right was same complexion.

For example, it seems that you are asked to take a white coffee cup.

Probably, without vision capability described above, you would overlook a gray cup in a gloomy cupboard.

In practice, the cup appears gray because it is in the faint light, but looks whiter with being emphasized.

Our brain automatically rectifies the light and shade difference in the field of vision to enable the constant recognition.

It seems that the image processing is performed in V4 of Fig. 7.











.  role allotment of visual cortex in cerebral rear 

< 7.  role allotment of visual cortex in cerebral rear >

The visual information of an object that came from retina goes into V1 first.

Subsequently, the information of the space and the movement of the object are processed in order of a blue arrow in upper part.

On the other hand, the information of the shape (silhouette) and the color of the object are processed in order of a dark blue arrow in bottom part.

In this way, the visual information is divided into each element and it is performed hierarchically.

In every hierarchy, it is processed under the influence of memorized pictures (ball etc.), languages (apple etc.), and also consciousness or sentiment (hunger etc.).









a picture of optical illusion

< 8.  a picture of optical illusion >       

What do you associate with this figure?

Is it a jar or two faces?

 Our cognition is carried out under the influence of preconception and sentiment in addition to cognitive function (image processing) that we are not conscious of.

We look at the sentiment next time.


あなたはこの図から何を連想するだろうか? 壺か顔か。






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