Travel to Turkey 3: Ephesus 2

Great Theater

< 1.  M:  Great Theater >


I introduce remaining half of ancient city Ephesus.


The seating capacity of this theater is 25,000 people.

A fight against wild beast by gladiator was also performed here.







a reproduced image of Ephesus 

< 2. a reproduced image of Ephesus >

An order of Tour of inspection begins from the right side of above map.

The alphabet on the map shows the position of following photo.





Hadrian’s Temple, the 2nd century 

< 3.  I:  Hadrian’s Temple, the 2nd century >

This Hadrian’s Temple is small, but remains as splendid temple.

A goddess is carved in the center of the front arch, and Monster Medusa is carved in the back semicircle.





Celsus Libraly, the 2nd century

< 4.  K: Celsus Libraly, the 2nd century  >

A thing to attract eyes most in this Ephesus is the front entrance of this library.

It was decorated with splendid sculptures and women statues, and they shined in sunlight.

There were 12,000 books in those days.

The arched gate of the right hand is an entrance to Commercial Agora.







Commercial Agora

< 5.  L: Commercial Agora >

This Agora was in corridor having roof that surrounds a courtyard, and the pillars of the day remain in the back.

The center back is the library, and the left back is main path of sightseeing that we have walked through.





Harbor Street

< 6.  N:  Harbor Street >

This street extends straight to a harbor from a front of the Great Theater.

The Agora is located immediately on the left.




various sculptures  

< 7.  various sculptures  >

A:   the Monster Medusa of Hadrian’s Temple.

B:   a statue.

C:   a cross was carved in upper of the gate.

D:   a female image in the entrance of the library.


A: ハドリアヌス神殿の怪物メドゥサ。

B: 像。

C: 門に彫られた十字架。

D: 図書館の女性像。


Ephesus is an important place for Christian.

From ancient times, here was a strategic place of Christianity propagation, and Paulo of 12 apostles engaged in it.

Moreover, it is communicated that mother Mary of Jesus spent an afterlife with John, and there is the oldest Virgin Mary church.

Furthermore, important Christian councils were held several times here.







Artemis temple site, the 8th century BC 

< 8.  Artemis temple site, the 8th century BC >

This temple was located once on the place in which only one pillar stands on the vacant lot.

It is communicated that the building that was considered as being seven wonders in the world was 20m in height and width 55mx115m.

On the back hill, a castle built in the 5th century is seen, and St. John church is the right side.






a reproduced image of Artemis temple and an Artemis goddess statue 

< 9.  a reproduced image of Artemis temple and an Artemis goddess statue >

The Artemis goddess statue has large number of breasts symbolizing fertile fecundity.         



souvenir shops 

< 10.  souvenir shops >

In souvenir shops, we will purchase some accessories of colorful handicraft – especially cloth products and earthenware.






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