Cherry tree of Asano Park

Cherry tree of Asano Park

I went to Asano Park in Awaji Island yesterday on April 2.

People were enjoying cherry trees in full bloom and sunlight of spring.





Cherry tree of Asano Park

 Cherry tree of Asano Park

 In just the past week, it became warm suddenly, and then many cherry trees bloomed at a stretch.

I was half in doubt and went to watch cherry trees, but it had become in full blossom.

A blue sky, warm sunlight, and fresh wind had wrapped the park of a mountain.

Many people and we enjoyed lunch.

We enjoyed our time.








Cherry tree of Asano Park

Cherry tree of Asano Park

waterfall of Asano Park

If we went down from the park, there was a waterfall that was called as “ Hudou no Taki” at the back of the park.

There was a line of waterfall in depths of the shade surrounded by trees of high cedar.

Many stone Buddha statues “ Hudou-Son” were enshrined on the right side of the waterfall.







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10 thoughts on “Cherry tree of Asano Park

  1. こんにちは(*^_^*)

    • ここには子供が小さいときに来たので、20年ぶりぐらいです。気持ちの良い一時でした。

  2. 綺麗な写真ですね。目の保養になりました。(^_^)

  3. Its beautiful. I so much wish to be able to see the Cherry blossom season in Japan at least once before I die 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting. I also want to travel to India once at least.

      • Please feel free if you need any help while you are in India or planning the trip. Understanding your interest I’d suggest you make the trip in into divided into smaller parts – one for the Buddhist circuit of Sarnath, Bodh Gaya and Lumbini, you can also add Dharmashala to this, if you would like to visit the town where his holiness Dalai Lama stays in India. For Mughal period architecture you can visit Delhi/Agra/Jaipur. The historical heritage of India is spread all across the country – the Ajanta and Elora caves in western India, Sun temples in Eastern India and extremely old Hindu temples in the southern India. It is actually too too big an area to cover it all in a week, maybe you’d need a month 🙂

    • Thank you for your kindness. When I plan the trip to India, I talk with you. Probably my trip will use a package tour of a travel agency, because of expense and language. When you plan trip or come to Japan, I want to cooperate.

  4. Gorgeous photos!

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