History of sickness and medical art 25: India 5


< 1. Yoga >


This time, I introduce Yoga and summarize the medical art of ancient India, end it.




Yoga is known as a thing increasing health enhancement now.

On the other hand, deity statue performing Zen (meditation) around the world will be only Buddha statue.

Long history is concerned with this.







a seal of Indus civilization: a Yoga ascetic sits while wearing a crown of horn 

< 2. a seal of Indus civilization: a Yoga ascetic sits while wearing a crown of horn >


The oldest image that is sitting is in the seal of Indus civilization.

The oldest description about Yoga was in an Upanishad of about the fourth century B.C.

Following sentence teaches an ascetic training of Yoga.

“Recognize Atman of an absolute hiding in depth of our existence by introspectiveness”

In India, it was idealized that people had been absorbed quietly in meditation under forest tree from time immemorial (ashrama).

Caraka sanhita that became medical knowledge of Buddha makes reference to yoga a lot.









 Bhagavad Gita is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, and a sacred text of the Hindus. 

< 3. Bhagavad Gita is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, and a sacred text of the Hindus. >


Yoga developed in the first millennium B.C. as the religious self-training method (enlightenment or nirvana) or moral culture, and Buddhism took in it.

The system of the Yoga was completed at about the fourth century, and at about the twelfth century, mystical yoga was born and adopted physical movement.

This spreads now all over the world.






Alexander the Great : a scene of the movie  

< 4. Alexander the Great : a scene of the movie  >


Ancient medical system of India advanced

Emperor Ashoka built hospital for people in the third century B.C.

In Europe, similar thing is built in the fourth century.

When a Greek doctor was not able to cure a soldier who was bitten by a snake, Alexander the Great commanded Indian doctor to cure him.

The medical treatment was successful, and Alexander the Great who was impressed with it employed Indian doctors in his army.



The characteristic of the medical art in India seemed to attach importance to more the cure for a patient than the etiology.

New doctors escaped from religious bondage, and participated actively in the cure.

As seen in Yoga, there was an Indian culture that attached importance to the cultivation of mind, and this affected religion, medical art, and health care.


From next time, I introduce ancient medical art of China.


















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