Travel to Hokuriku 1: indulgence of cherry tree

Ioji Temple, Yamanaka Onsen( hot spring resort) 

< 1. Ioji Temple, Yamanaka Onsen( hot spring resort) >

From April 11, 2014 to 13, I traveled in Hokuriku.

I went round Tedori Ravine, Yamanaka Onsen, Wakura Onsen, Wajima, Noto mainly in Ishikawa Prefecture.

I thoroughly enjoyed ravines and hot springs, seacoasts, cherry trees and flowers.

I introduce the wonderful those with photo several times.


I introduce splendid cherry tree of each place

While driving, I watched cherry tree in full bloom as I went from Shiga Prefecture to Toyama Prefecture.

Especially in Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture, cherry trees were planted everywhere.











Tedori Ravine, Hakusan City 

< 2. Tedori Ravine, Hakusan City >

Cherry trees bloomed on top of the cliff of Tedori River that snowmelt from Hakusan Mountain flowed rapidly in.



Torigoe castle ruins, Hakusan City

< 3. Torigoe castle ruins, Hakusan City  >

One cherry tree bloomed on the castle ruins of the hill that looked down at Tedori River.



.  a village in Komatu city

< 4. a village in Komatu city >

Cherry trees have been planted in every place of small villages of the foot of mountains.

The people of Hokuriku have taken good care of cherry trees very much.




in Yamanaka Onsen 

< 5. in Yamanaka Onsen >

The moon rose up a cherry tree.



Hakusan shrine, Yamanaka Onsen

< 6. Hakusan shrine, Yamanaka Onsen >

There is Hakusan in the other side of the shrine gate from this approach of the shrine,but Hakusan was not visible today.



in Yamanaka Onsen 

< 7.   in Yamanaka Onsen >

 Cherry trees have been planted on every Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, the bank of rivers and ponds, parks and mountains.

Blooming of cherry tree announces coming of spring, and the people seemed to be together glad of the liberation from winter of severe wind and snow.




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14 thoughts on “Travel to Hokuriku 1: indulgence of cherry tree

  1. Loveliest of trees the cherry now,
    Is hung with bloom along the bough,
    And stands about the woodland ride
    Wearing white for Eastertide.

    • Thank you. Is the cherry tree blooming in your country? Isn’t it a time of Easter in your country?

      • It is Easter Sunday here in England and the cherry tree in my garden is just coming into full blossom. The world feels quite lovely.

      • I now understand that the world feels cherry tree quite lovely.

  2. Beautiful…

  3. こんばんは(*^_^*)

  4. Beautiful. A special gift of life. Growing up in Washington DC, I have a special fondness for Japan’s unique gift.

  5. Sigh. Terrific photos.

  6. Beautiful flowering trees! Have a lovely day. 🙂

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