Travel to Hokuriku 2: Tour around ravines

Tedori Ravine 

< 1. Tedori Ravine >


This time, I introduce Tedori Ravine and Ravine Kakusenkei in Yamanaka Onsen.  



Tedori Ravine

Here is Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture.

This ravine was caused by Tedori River flowing from Mount Hakusan of 2700 m in altitude.

The precipice of 20-30 in height continues for 8 km of the upper river.






Tedori Ravine: The back is a direction of Mount Hakusan, and a waterfall is in the center 

< 2.  Tedori Ravine: The back is a direction of Mount Hakusan, and a waterfall is in the center >


 Waterfall Watagataki of 32 m in height 

< 3. Waterfall Watagataki of 32 m in height >



around Waterfall Watagataki 

< 4. around Waterfall Watagataki >

There are waterfalls everywhere.       



Ravine Kakusenkei

Here is a mountain torrent flowing through Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Although many hot-spring hotels are lined along one side of this torrent, the other side becomes a promenade that has left nature.






Ravine Kakusenkei 

< 5. Ravine Kakusenkei >


 Ravine Kakusenkei, the promenade is right side

< 6. Ravine Kakusenkei, the promenade is right side >

People can look down this ravine from outdoor bathtubs of those riverside hotels.

Taking a bath in the morning of this day, cherry petals were softly fluttering down in the bathtub, and birds had been singing.

A time of supreme happiness passed.





Ravine Kakusenkei

< 7. Ravine Kakusenkei >

Matsuo Basho wrote the poem “ by balefire, Kajika(frogs) under wave sing”

In this ravine, there are the frog that sings beautifully and the river fish.

Two creatures are called the Kajika of same pronunciation.

This mountain torrent is truly a fresh stream.





Ravine Kakusenkei

< 8. Ravine Kakusenkei >

Two mountain torrents were really splendid.

At the time of fresh green and colored leaves, it will be splendid again.







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6 thoughts on “Travel to Hokuriku 2: Tour around ravines

  1. こんにちは(*^_^*)

    • 確かに、旅行に行く前は、桜が満開では予想していなかったが、ちょうど良い時期でした。

  2. Awesome post full with beautiful photos.

  3. Gorgeous!

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