Travel to Turkey 6:  Scenery from our bus window until Konya

A farm village and a large lake

< 1. A farm village and a large lake >


I introduce the rural scenery of Anatolian plateau today.

Our bus ran 410 km from Pamukkale to Konya.

In the interim, I took pictures of the scenery from the bus window.






hills and rural sceneries  

< 2. hills and rural sceneries >


There were the crystal clear sky and white clouds, and the green carpet had covered the hills and the ground.

There weren’t even small rivers, ponds, or forest, and the ground had been dry.





a village 

< 3. a village >

One of the charmed scenes was a village.

Although I could not take a good picture, the form of many villages was like a sector sticking to the foot of small hill.

Among many private houses of red roof in the village, there was always a mosque having a silver dome and a minaret.

From the village, one white way passes through the green farm and extends to a main road of the basin.

In addition, tall poplars stand out in the boundary of many farmhouses and farms.

It is said that this poplar will be planted when a child was born and it will be cut at the time of the marriage in order to make as furniture for giving to the grown child.

It is a scene of the village unlike Japan.










. mountains and a flower

< 4. mountains and a flower   >


agricultural work

< 5. agricultural work >

Villagers seem to be working jointly.

In lower photograph, one car is running the farm road.

It appears that five women wearing farm clothes have been getting seated in the carrier of the car.







< 6. a souvenir shop >

I am always excited in souvenir shop.

I bought one book of the folktale of the Japanese version here.







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