In Kobe : Persian cuisine

A copper ornamental dish was hung on an indoor wall in the Persian restaurant   

< 1. A copper ornamental dish was hung on an indoor wall in the Persian restaurant  >


We ate Persia cuisine in Kobe.



Left: The restaurant is the third floor. Right: the street in front of the restaurant.

< 2. Left: The restaurant is the third floor. Right: the street in front of the restaurant. >


In Kobe, there are various restaurants serving every country’s cuisine around the world.

Until now, we enjoyed the cuisine of Turkey, India, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

This restaurant is “PARS CUISINE” near immediately Tor Road.

Eating Persia cuisine is the 2nd time in a long time, and eating in this restaurant is also the 2nd time.




今回のレストランは、トーアロードの直ぐ近くにある「PARS CUISINE」です。



in the restaurant

< 3. in the restaurant >

Arabic music was flowing from speakers in the spacious restaurant.

The person who waited on table was like the Iranian.



Our course was Bandari Course.

Because we do not know these cuisines, we generally choose each course.

It is secondary whether the cuisine is delicious, because our purpose is to taste foreign cuisine.






料理はバンダリーコース(Bandari Course)です。




Left: Khorake Sir Gharche,  Rright: Dolmeh 

< 4. Left: Khorake Sir Gharche, Rright: Dolmeh >

Left:   mushrooms were simmered in garlic oil.

Right:   pilaf was rolled up with grape’s leaf.

左: マッシュルームのガーリックオイル煮。

右: ピラフのぶどうの葉巻。旨いとは言えない。


Left: Galiyeh Kebab,  Right: Doogh 


< 5. Left: Galiyeh Kebab, Right: Doogh >

Left: A stew of shrimps and herbs.

Right: this yogurt drink is mixed with salt, carbonated water, and dried mint. It was mysterious taste.

左: エビとハーブの煮込み。まあまあの味。

右: 炭酸入りの塩味ヨーグルトドリンク。チャレンジしたが、口に合わなかった。


Upper:  Soltani Kebab.  Lower: Chapati

< 6. Upper: Soltani Kebab. Lower: Chapati >

Upper:   two spit-roasted food of comminuted meat of sheep and beef. It was very delicious.

Lower: Baked thin Nan. A left bottle is in order to pour dried fruit over the kebab. It was mysterious taste.

上: クビデ(羊の挽肉か)と牛肉の串焼き。非常に旨かった。

下: 薄焼きナン。薄いのが良かった。左の瓶はドライフルーツで、ケバブにかける。不思議な味だった。


< 7.   Upper: Spaicy Loobiya Polo, Lower: Dessert、Chai >


Upper:   Pilaf of kidney bean and mutton. It was nice.

Lower:   The dessert was cold and ginger was working. It was delicious.

上: インゲンと羊肉のピラフ。米の形がかなり異なるが、旨かった。

下: デザートは冷たく、生姜が効いて美味しかった。


While I had been eating, I imagined dry Iranian Plateau distant from the sea, and Persepolis that I didn’t yet visit.

I judged some dishes hotter tasting by the look of the red color, but these were not hotter tasting.

We were able to enjoy the dinner.








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4 thoughts on “In Kobe : Persian cuisine

  1. こんばんは(*^_^*)

    • 口に合わないのが1/3、旨いのが1/3、ヨーグルトドリンク以外は間食しました。楽しいドキドキする食事でした。

  2. I have never tasted Persian food. Cool photos.

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