I saw the film “Hanna Arendt”

 a poster of the film

< 1. a poster of the film >


I introduce the unique European film today.




< 2. Eichmann >


“Hanna Arendt”

This film is a 2012 German-Luxembourgian-French biographical drama film about German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt.

During World War II, although she was taken to a concentration camp, she escaped, and she becomes some American colleges professor after.

She wrote “the origin of totalitarianism” and supposed that the racial discrimination that reinforced imperialism had induced the Nazism of inland Germany, and the Stalinism of Russia.









Arendt sat in on the trial by TV 

< 3. Arendt sat in on the trial by TV >


The film

This film begins from her sitting in on the trial of Eichmann who was former Schutzstaffel.

The camera chases the testimony scene of Eichmann that was complicit in Jewish genocide and her attitude of contemplating to grope for truth in the trial.

She finds ” the banality of evil” to Eichmann before long.

Furthermore, she wakes up to the nonresistance of German and the cooperation of Jewish elder council to the Nazis.

In the latter half of the film, the indication in her magazine reports causes intense repulsion by Jew, and she is driven into a difficult situation.









Testimony in the trial 

< 4. Testimony in the trial >


I did not know this philosopher before watching the film and expected the miserable concentration camp scene.

However, the camera continues chasing the female philosopher who has sharp and deep eyes and then is like stubbornness.

When the trial scene in Israel began before long, the testimony scene of Eichmann was a then monochrome live-action film.







.  Dispute with Jewish friends   

< 5. Dispute with Jewish friends  > 


She declares a longtime friend “ Eichmann is not anti-Judea and is only the government official who obeyed the order “.

Then, for the first time, I understood the meaning using the live-action film by the film director.

Who can play Eichmann who doesn’t show a bit of conscience and who makes excuses expressionlessly and indifferently?






.  Lecture scenery    

< 6. Lecture scenery    >


At the last

This film suggests that not only Nazis but also the state of mind of all aggressors is ecumenical, further teaches the importance of appealing for the truth as having belief.

The truth is to say that the public who became assailants (aggressor) and victims fall into inextricable state of mind in each.

This problem presentation will be confirmed by two psychology experiments before long in the United States.

Eichmann experiment was conducted in Yale University in 1961 in the next year of the trial.

In addition, Stanford prison experiment was conducted in 1971, it became dangerous condition along the way, and it was canceled.


Has she only ascertained a truth as a philosopher?

I think it important that she who is victim and Jew declared fearlessly.

I believe that this is a power of surceasing the conflict and beginning to reach peacefully.


I am grateful to be able to meet the splendid female and splendid filmmaking.


















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