The society and the information 33:  Information crosses the border 7


< 1. Kremlin >


This time also, following the last time, I see how the Soviet Union reported the nuclear plant accident that happened in Ukraine.



 Gorbachev and Reagan

< 2. Gorbachev and Reagan >


In 1985, Gorbachev advocated perestroika (reform), and was inaugurated as the supreme leader of the Soviet Union.

This was just a year before the nuclear plant accident.

He developed the following opinions about this nuclear plant accident at home and abroad and corresponded.






A. The atomic energy is the original sin of the human civilization, and the accident is the wrath of Heaven.

Taking this opportunity, he appealed for the menace of the nuclear weapon and stopping the nuclear test within the country, and then progressed the agreement of the nuclear weapon reduction between the United States.

It proceeded to the conclusion of the Cold War in 1989 year before long.

Probably, the nuclear plant accident was used for an excuse of stopping the arms race that had weakened the national power.


A 原子力は人類文明の原罪であり、事故は天罰である。





 B.  The western media discharge falsehood reports, and are trying to trample us.

“Thousands of casualties appeared one after another, and all around became full of graves. The whole land of Ukraine was polluted by the radioactivity, and the capital became the wasteland where the trees and plants would not grow.”

He said that he demanded the confidence in the government to the people, because the west had been reporting such lie.

The people will be always exposed to such news that truth and falsity were mixed in, and were different at home and abroad.


B 西側メディアは虚偽報道を垂れ流し、我々を踏みにじろうとしている。





.  Outskirts city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant became ruins 

< 3. Outskirts city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant became ruins >


C. This accident is a maximum example of the bad effect of the old regime.

This accident brought the new government two help.

One thing made the accident liability the incompetence of the local administrative organ (Ukraine) of the Communist Party, and the bad effect of the central old regime.

This made the unskillful handling of the new administration less noticeable.

On the other hand, the government announced that the scientists of the Soviet Union had shut away the radioactivity of the accident and the measures were perfect.


C この事故は、旧体制の弊害の最たるものである。







< 4. Shevardnadze >


The other was a good opportunity to infiltrate the information disclosure at home and abroad.

Shevardnadze that was appointed the foreign minister carried out already the information disclosure partly in Republic of Georgia and had shown the results.

The government showed the details of the accident and the damage, accepted the inspection of the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and promoted the nuclear power accident coverage taken by the domestic media organization.

The image of the new government that will sweep away the bad effect due to the secretiveness was able to spread at home and abroad.


In those days a chief editor of newspaper “Pravda” talked of complaint that the information disclosure had not really advanced toward.

This newspaper was continuing revealing a lack of a plan of the government about the accident against the governmental bureaucrat-ism and the secretiveness.











This big accident became the big favorable wind for the new Gorbachev Administration.

On the other hand, in Japan, the nuclear plant accident became a factor that condemned the new government for.















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4 thoughts on “The society and the information 33:  Information crosses the border 7

  1. Very interesting! Aina

  2. チェルノブイリの事故の後はスパゲッティは食べない方が良いという噂が流れましたが、未だにチェルノブイリは収束してませんね。

    • おっしゃられる通りですね。政府は色々、圧力を受けており、継続発展に持って行くでしょう。何も無ければ良いのですが。

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