Summer in Awaji Island : A festival and fireworks of the strait park 


*     1


Today, I introduce the summer festival that was held by Awaji city July 20.

This main is some events and fireworks that are performed in the lawn open space of Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park.

Moreover, many stalls were set up, and entering the park is free today.

Blessed with weather, many people came from the island outside.







stalls and a stage

< 2. stalls and a stage in the lawn open space    >


There are eateries that are provided by the professional in these stalls, but stalls that were provided by the local volunteer are amusing.

The performance and the dances were carried out on the stage.





a eatery by children 

< 3. a eatery by children >


The faces selling with a smile were shining in sunlight.




< 4. children absorbed in play >

Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park

< 5. a central part of the park >

The scene that was reproduced the forest, the hill, and the valley naturally is the merit of this park.

The trees of the season blossom in various spots.

However, the flower of the park is few at this time.






Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park

< 6. Upper: the park south side. Lower: the park north side. >

There is a very large lawn open space in the end of the park north side, and we watch the fireworks in this side.






*     7,8,9

The flowers in the park




< 10.   fireworks >

I took pictures of fireworks for the first time and it was difficult.


I was comfortable, because it was a little cloudy.

After the photography of the park, I was sitting down vaguely at a bench for three hours until the fireworks start.

I had been bringing back the past along with seeing the behavior of families, lovers, and friends.









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6 thoughts on “Summer in Awaji Island : A festival and fireworks of the strait park 

  1. 夏祭り、良いですね。私はまだ今年は経験してないです。

    • 撮る前、少しは考えたのですが、やはり始めては焦りました。結局、色々設定を変えて、シャッターを押しまくりました。

  2. How lovely photos. Fireworks photos are gorgeous.

  3. Great photos of fireworks!
    I tried to take photos of fireworks…and they were all blurry. Not good!
    Maybe next year I will try again.

    • Thank you for commenting. It is difficult for me. This photograph was chosen from many useless photographs.

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