Traveling to Spain and Portugal 9: Old city of Toledo, Spain, on the trip 4th day, October15

This town has spread out to the riverbank from Alcazar (imperial castle) on top of the hill.

< 1. This town has spread out to the riverbank from Alcazar (imperial castle) on top of the hill. photo from B >


Today, I introduce this old city that is unique and most beautifully in Spain.

This fortress city consists of a steep mountain protected by a bending canyon.

Here was a superb view that was created by the blue sky and blue River, brown buildings of stone bond, and green groves.

I introduce the full view and the circumference today.







 Map of Toledo

< 2. Map of Toledo >

Upper part of Map is the north.

The alphabets show the photography point, and two arrows show the direction of locomotion.

The following photographs are arranged from A to D in order of my photography.






Puente de Alcantara (bridge) is viewed in 2nd from front.

< 3. Puente de Alcantara (bridge) is viewed in 2nd from front. Photo from A >


Certain Roman built this bridge in 102 A.D., and wrote ” my building bridge will remain for many centuries“ on the surface.




A Full view of Toledo (panorama)

< 4. A Full view of Toledo (panorama). Photo from B >


Rio Tajo (river) flows from the right to the left.

The left is the west direction.






< 5. Toledo. Photo from B. >


There are Cathedral that has a spire in the center on top of the hill, Alcazar that is a big building in the right side, and Iglesia de Santo Tome (church) that has a small tower that is the same distance away from Cathedral to the left side (left end of photo).

The cathedral is top seat of Spain Cathedra now.

Alcazar collapsed once by the civil war that Franco (dictator) brought on in 1936.

El Greco’s picture “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz ” is in this church.







Neighborhood of San Martin Bridge

< 6. Neighborhood of San Martin Bridge. Photo from C >


San Martin Bridge and San Juan de Los Reyes church are seen in three all photos.

A bottom photo: Plain field spreads out in the left side of photo (the north side), and the high castle wall blocks it.



一番下の写真: 写真左側(北方向)に平野が広がり、高い城壁がそれを遮る。


 The castle wall and the gate in the north side of Toledo.

< 7. The castle wall and the gate in the north side of Toledo. Photo from D >


Plain field in the north side is seen from Diputacion Provincial(congress). 

< 8. Plain field in the north side is seen from Diputacion Provincial(congress). Photo from over D >

Here is the place that we changed some escalators and went up from the lower parking lot.





About Toledo

This place is 70 km south from Madrid, and faces wildwater Rio Tajo .

This river is 1120 km in total length, renames its name Rio Tejo, has contact with Lisbon, and flows into the Atlantic.

10,000 people are now living in the area whose width of east and west is 1.4 km and is in hill-like fortress of 70 m high.

During 1800 years until the 16th century, the culture of Rome, Goth, Judea, Islam, and Catholic overlapped and fused here.

This place became the center of Spain from a center of ancient state.

Even after the capital relocation, Toledo was the center of Catholic.


Although I saw many towns on hill and the slope in Spain, I was surprised that former capital city had formed by covering such steep mountain.


The next time, I introduce the inside of this fortress.

















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