Traveling to Spain and Portugal 16: Garden and Villa of Alhambra、on the trip 6th day, October 17

      A view of Alhambra from Generalife   

< 1. A view of Alhambra from Generalife >

< 1. ヘネラリーフェ離宮の庭園からアルハンブラ宮殿を臨む >


Today, I introduce to you the garden, the detached palace, and flowers as the second half of our Alhambra sightseeing.



 a satellite photo, a red line is the walking route, upper part is the north.

< 2. a satellite photo, a red line is the walking route, upper part is the north. >

< 2. 衛星写真。赤線が徒歩のルート、上方が北。 >


“S” of the above-mentioned photo is a starting point, and is the place that we came out from Patio de Lindaraja of the palace.

We go to “G” through the garden, and “G” is Patio de la Acequia in Generalife. 

After that, our sightseeing was over with going through “EX”.






 a garden of the palace 

< 3. a garden of the palace >

< 3. 宮殿の庭園 >


The number in above-mentioned photo shows approximately the sequence of our sightseeing.

1: We just came out from the building surrounding Patio de Lindaraja.

Generally, the outer wall and the doorway of Alhambra are simpler and more meager than the interior decoration.


2: A tower for defense.

3: A bell tower of a church is in the right side; it was built to the trace of a mosque.

4: Many ponds such as it are arranged in this garden.

A part of a watchtower with a nice view is seen at the left edge.



1: リンダハラの中庭を囲む建物から出て来たところ。



2: 防衛用の塔。

3: 右は教会の鐘楼で、モスクの跡に建てられた。

4: 庭園にはこのような池がたくさん配されている。



The summary history of Alhambra

In the western end of top of this mountain, Alcazaba(palace) was built first at the end of the 9th century.

After that, the extension works was carried out sequentially, and most buildings seem to be accomplished by the 14th century.

As its peak, the inside of this castle wall was lined with nobility’s residence, and several thousand people were living in it.

There were buildings such as Patio de los Leones in this garden.

Although Christian (kings) rebuilt this palace and used it from the end of the 15th century, they left it after that.


Alhambra seems to be inferior to Topkapi Palace in Istanbul on a scale.

This palace was early built as compared with Topkapi Palace 100-600 years before, the territory was smaller, and it was built on the hill.

They would influence it.

I feel the soul of Arab and Islam that firmly rooted in Spain to the interior or the architectural style.

A hometown of this ethnic group was in Arabia, but they had been living in Spain for 800 years from early the 8th century, via North Africa and Gibraltar.














4 5 DSC01749

< 4. A view of Generalife from Alhambra >

< 4. 庭園からヘネラリーフエ離宮を臨む >


The right side of the villa becomes the garden, and there is a valley between this palace and the villa.



a garden area of Alhambra

< 5. a garden area of Alhambra >

< 5. 宮殿の庭園 >


6,7,8: The garden is used as not only a flower beds but also a vegetable garden.

9: The tower that appertained to the castle wall is about 20 in total, and it was a defense use or a residence use or a guard use for irrigation channel.

The left side of the tower is the upper part of the castle wall, and the cavalry of the guard went along it at that time.


6,7,8: この庭園は花だけではなく菜園としも使用されている。

9: 城壁に付随した塔は総計20ほどあり、防衛用や用水路の警備用、邸宅用などがある。



A view of Alhambra from a garden of Generalife 

< 6. A view of Alhambra from a garden of Generalife >

< 6. ヘネラリーフェ離宮の庭園からアルハンブラ宮殿を臨む >


The city spreads in the right hand, Torre de Comares is visible to the right end of the hill, and the bell tower of a church is visible to the central part.




< 7. Generalife >

< 7. ヘネラリーフェ離宮 >


12,13: the graden of Generalife. 

14: We pass through the patio and enter the building having Patio de la Acequia finally.

16: An avenue near the exit.


12,13: 離宮の庭園。

14: 中庭を抜けて、いよいよアセキアの中庭を臨む建物に入る。

16: 出口に近い並木道。


Patio de la Acequia, viewing of the north

< 8. Patio de la Acequia, viewing of the north >

< 8. アセキアの中庭、北側を臨む >


Our sightseeing in Granada was over.

Islam had lived close together in Granada of Andalucia from Nara Period to the Azuchi-Momoyama Period of Japanese history.


From next time, I introduce Seville that prospered unprecedentedly at the Age of Discovery.









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